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"If the NES Zappers were made for Duck Hunt, then why couldn't we just call this Duckhunt?"


Retro is one of the minor skin series in R2DA that can be found within a select few weapons. This can be obtained through the Premium Skincrate.

It features a palette of light grey, dark grey and red. The text "R2D" can be seen.


  • The Retro is a reference to the NES Zapper.
  • The name Retro was originally originally used by Synthwave.
  • The font for the "R2D" text is called Nonfiction.
AK-47M - Retro.png
M16 - Retro.png
Steyr M - Retro.png
Wingmaster - Retro.png
FAL - Retro.png
SCAR-H - Retro.png
AK-47 M16A1 Steyr M Wingmaster 870 FAL SCAR-H
Shotty 12 - Retro.png
P90 - Retro.png
Mini Uzis - Retro.png
Minigun - Retro.png
TEC-9 - Retro.png
MAC-10 - Retro.png
Shotty 12 P90 Mini Uzis Minigun TEC-9 MAC-10
AK-47 - Retro.png