Rescue has been around since the very first instalment of R2D.

You have to wait for a rescue vehicle to come for varying lengths of time. After it arrives, you wait for another timer to tick down before it whisks you away to safety.

In R2DA, you have to wait for the Helicopter (formerly you could wait for the Bus if you are playing Blackfield Station).

While the whole thing depends on your survival, how long you have to survive depends on the map itself. The time you have to wait for help to arrive has mostly increased in v0.9.3.

When it does, it will land in a pre-determined spot. Previously, on 1930's Kingstreet before Rescue was removed for it, it has the possibility of landing on two spots on the map. It was the only map for the Helicopter to have multiple spots to land on.

After landing, the Helicopter will wait until all remaining survivors board, after 1 minute has passed or when all remaining survivors die before entering helicopter. Whichever one happens first, it will leave.


  • It's recommended to stay close to the Helicopter landing spot. This generally makes for an easier escape.
    • A Digger can fling you away from the landing zone. Pay attention.
    • A Stalker can also take you away from the landing zone.
    • The Brute and Swarmer can easily target those near the landing zone.
  • As soon as the rescue has arrived, it is recommended to get in it quickly.
    • Don't get out as soon as you get in, you'll most likely die and not get revived.
      • Only get out if you want to save a teammate.
    • Don't block all routes to the Helicopter or you will be banned.
  • If zombies are camping near the Helicopter spot, its best to use a Pipebomb, Clockbomb or Phial of Galadriel lure them away.
    • This also generally makes for an easier escape.
  • Using the Duck Mount and Jetpack helps for a simpler escape to the rescue spot.


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