"A chest is a moment of happiness of very short duration."


The Regular Chest gives out random rewards and can be acquired through multiple ways. They are found only in Bosses, certain Quests and Bootcamp (not including Tutorial Island 2.0 only).

Background Story

Forged by the gold miners in late 1939, they buried these deep underneath the earth so they could be safe from the oncoming storm. Unfortunately, they died.

Later on, powerful entities, such as Lord Pumpkin Jr., found these Chests and hid them in his storage room. Unfortunately, a belly is not a safe storage room when you are killed.



Halloween Bootcamp

Pumpkinator's Revenge/Lord Pumpkin Jr.

Halloween 2016

Halloween 2017

Halloween 2019

Rhi-snow Territory

Chronos Dimension

Pumpkin's Quest

Return of the Yeti

King Cherrycake

King Cherrycake's Quest

R2DA Wipeout

King Crab II

Pumpkinator's Bootcamp

Pumpkinator's Stronghold

Snowy Snowy Hills

Forgotten Cave

Duck's Quest


R2DA Wipeout II

Papa Squid's Treasure

High Bye Die

Gate Keeper II

R2DA Wipeout III

Casino Halls

Jacksplot's Domain


  • Going into first person can help you open the Chest.
  • Use a stamina booster item, such as the Candy Cane, to help run to other Chests.


  • There was a glitch that allowed you to move while still opening the Chest.
    • However this was patched in v1.0.5.
  • Prior to v1.0.5, you could get any amount of rewards within the specified amount.
    • After v1.0.5, you can only get a multiple of five items, excluding items that you can only get one copy of, or those that specify 1 amount (like 1-5x Magnets in Duck's Quest).
  • Prior to v1.1.7, you could get Christmas 2017 items in Chronos XI.
    • Prior to this update, there was also a 1% of getting the Toy Bow.
  • If you lose your legs and open a Chest, you slide around.
  • You can reset while opening a Chest and still get the rewards.
  • Sometimes a Chest will spawn inside another.
  • The mesh can be found in the ROBLOX catalog under the Rubyhorde the Rapacious' Treasure.

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