"When Nerf decides to do a collab with McDonalds, Im lovin it"
―Waifu Magnet Mk XVIII


Red Toy is one of the prominent skin series in R2DA that can be found within a various weapons.

It mainly features the colour palette of light red or yellow.


  • Known as the "Happy Meal" or "McDonalds" skin due to its light red colour.
AK47 - Red Toy NewBarretRT Uzi-Red-Toy Df5d79b05089a86e164b1bd1751c1e58 B - RT MK - RT
AK-47 Barrett 50 Cal. Mini Uzis DB Shotgun Baseball Bat HK416
ColtRedToy 609d1cc179765f10146a6f81bf042be9 Tinpot20RedToy 0f030bbd08e7539c61d3f4817168f2e5
Spas - Red Toy
Colt Python Shotty 12 Tinpot Flamethrower Spas-12 Remington 700
Scar-Red-Toy M16 Red M39R Red CK Red Rambo Red
Luger P08 - Red Toy
SCAR-H M16A1 M93R CK Swat Rambo Knife Luger P08
M249 - Red Toy
Steyr M - Red Toy
Karambit - Red Toy
M249 Steyr M Karambit

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