"It needs to be about 20% cooler!"
―Rainbow Dash


The Rebel Pose is an attachment that, for some reason, costs 5,000$ just to allow people to carry their weapons on their shoulders.

Then again, people are earning several thousand dollars a day just by killing zombies, so calling this a rip-off would make you look stupid.

Background Story

The survivors of the apocalypse decided that just having this gun was not nearly cool enough, so what do they do? Swing it over their backs, that's what!

It's too bad it doesn't really help to their survival, but it still does look quite dope.


  • Buying and using this animation does nothing. Purchase at your own discretion.
  • This can make the first shot of all guns rather problematic, so be aware.
    • The first shot will be more elevated than the rest.
  • Staying in first person makes this useless as you will hold the gun down instead.


  • This is one of the first two attachments, for the M249, to change an animation.
    • However, this is the first attachment overall for a cosmetic purpose only.
    • Hipfire, while also an animation modifier, has an effect on performance, unlike this attachment.
  • When used, it has the same pose as the Brute's idle pose.
  • When used, the player's head also tilts slightly to the left.


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