"A crate filled with yummy yum yums nyu"
―Waifu Magnet Mk XVIII


The Ration is a wooden box with a slightly different texture to other boxes inside the main attraction of the maps. In Farmhouse, you need to find eight and place it inside the Truck. For M.S Antares, you need to chuck these out of the map. In Blox Harbor, you need to find ten of these and place them on the Fishing Boat.

Background Story

As the manual states for this, this flatbed crate can be used for a variety of things. Seems to have three stories for three different lives.


When the survivors stepped into the Truck, they expected to leave quickly... But suddenly a random farmer shouted: "But Sir! You forgot your rations!"

The Truck driver looked like he had a deja vu. He immediately stopped the truck and ordered all passengers to get the crates back. Most of the crates just had food and water, but one crate had a special mark on it. But before the survivors could take a good look, it got grasped away by the truck driver. Nobody knows what was inside the crate. All they knew was that the truck driver got his insanely huge manga collection back...


M.S Antares

When the Survivors realised the ship was sinking, they called in for the rescue Helicopter. Things went bad though when the ship was sinking too fast. They had no choice but to throw out all the Rations they had gathered, in order to slow down the sinking. Such a waste of food.

Blox Harbor

Yes, burning down the trees did lead to a supply problem. It also added to global warming, gonna be honest. Still, there was plenty of boxes around an old abandoned military base.

Just don't tell the captain that the boxes contain alcoholic beverages. He might doze to sleep.



  • Use Tag Objective to easily locate the Rations.
  • It blends in with other boxes inside the house, just keep an eye peeled for a box with words on it.
  • Beware that zombies are able to push Rations off the map into the void.
    • If this happens, the Ration will respawn in a random location.
  • You can gather Rations when the Truck is on its way.
    • This is advised as gathering the Rations is rather problematic.
  • Be aware that the Rations spawn on zombie spawnpoints. Stay vigilant while getting this.
  • You gain 1 Fame and 40$ each time you put a Ration into the Truck.

M.S Antares

  • In M.S Antares there are about 20 Rations located in the hull and its main purpose is to sink the ship.
    • You must dump the Rations into the ocean. A meter on the left of your screen will show your progress.
      • You cannot get to the Helicopter unless the meter is below Better, because by then the ship would have sunk.

Blox Harbor

  • Use Tag Objective to easily locate the Rations.
  • Be aware that the Rations spawn on zombie spawnpoints. Stay vigilant while getting this.
  • You gain 1 Fame and 40$ each time you put a Ration into the Fishing Boat.


  • In M.S Antares Campaign they're named Cargo.
  • The mesh is a free model that can be found here.
    • It has been stated that a similar model could be found in Left for Dead 2 and CS:GO.
  • Rations make a cameo appearance in Subway.
  • It is possible to have a player attach a M2 Tripod onto a Ration to allow the tripod to be carried around while a player is using it.

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