"After the fall of the last IKEA, the survivors did the best that they could to replicate IKEA's famous lingonberry juice."


A splush that gives you 10 HP per second for 6 seconds. Similar to Strawberry Juice as that does the same thing as this item.

Background Story

Survivors carry dozens of pounds of weaponry, armour, ammo, and utility upon their backs. Thus, it's no surprise that during the warmer months, they often find themselves overencumbered and suffering from horrible cases of sunburn and heat stroke. Luckily for them, those that managed to establish year-round farms were not only able to provide the survivors with much needed food, but also provide cool refreshments during the summer months (with a pinch of special, rejuvenating ingredients thrown in).


  • This will regenerate your health temporarily. Use it to your advantage.
  • This may replace Vitamins because of you needing to buy it with 10 tickets, or for free with a Penguin Swimring.
  • When you use this on low health, still be careful when you used it, the Splush won't do good until it has fully used up.
  • Use it when you take 60 damage or more.


  • Fourth item to give permanent health.

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