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Rapid Infection is a gamemode where if you receive one tap from a zombie at any point, you die. The small pool of starting zombies have 3,000 HP and the rest of the server has 10 HP. If you die at any point as a survivor, you reanimate after 5 seconds as a zombie with 1,000 HP.

Everyone has one life and there's only one way for any survivor to win — kill all of these bulked up zombies.



  • You cannot equip vests, so 10 HP is all you have — regardless if you are in the Community or not.
  • The Ice GunToy Bow and Christmas Spear are one of the best secondaries for this mode. They can stop a zombie in its tracks before it can get into attacking range.
    • The ice ammo type is also very useful, but do remember that you have a limited supply of them.
    • The Boo Buster can also be used to keep zombies at bay.
  • Punch and Kick to knock down zombies and gain immunity to attacks for a short period of time.
    • This is the only way to stay safe, as melee weapons do not supply the immunity that you are used to.
    • However the Frost Knuckles are the only melee weapon that has immunity, making it one of the best melee weapons for this gamemode, as it can freeze and grant immunity.
    • Even then, watch out for Idle zombies. Their high health and relentless attacks will easily kill you if you don't get away.
  • Only fire at zombies when you are at a safe distance.
  • Since zombies have high health in this gamemode, a Minigun is recommended.
  • Be aware of fall damage, since it's extremely likely that it will instantly kill you.
  • Glass will instantly kill you, so stay away at all costs.
  • You can't bring items with you into Rapid Infection, but you can still use the In-Game Store.
    • The Fire Extinguisher can help push all zombies away to their doom. Don't rely on it completely though, since zombies can still have a chance to hit you even while using it.
    • The Give Command can also be used in this gamemode.
  • Using the Bell as a secondary can allow you to manipulate zombies to fall out of the map, getting rid of one more obstacle.
  • Camping may be the solution to your problems if you die constantly.
    • Unlike other gamemodes, camping on high exposed grounds is your best bet due to the fact you can Punch and Kick zombies away from your point.
  • If people start dropping dead around you, escape as fast as you can from the area you are in.
  • Jerry Cans and Propanes can be used as lethal traps.
    • Be extremely careful. Don't get too close to where they're placed down before triggering it.
      • It's recommended to have someone else shoot them instead so that this risk is eliminated.
    • If zombies are being stubborn, use a Fire Extinguisher to push them into the area.
  • AI Normals are activated when the zombie player limit is less than 6, even if the map doesn't support Vs. Environment.
    • The AIs have 1,000 health and cannot sprint.
    • The AI Normals cannot move due to a glitch.
  • Mounts aren't disabled in this map.
  • You can use Panama Punch (using the Give Command) to make yourself immune to the zombies, allowing you to rush in and stun them.
  • While the Rocket Sleigh may seem like a good mount to evade the zombies, there is a very high chance of dying from fall damage due to your incredibly low health.
    • As a result of this, the Toy Plane is a much better option, assuming the map you are playing on has flat ground.
      • Be wary that you are immobile while starting up the Toy Plane, leaving you vulnerable to zombies during this time.


  • Once you die, you remain dead.
  • When you zombify, you will able sprint, but only at the survivor sprint speed, not zombie sprint speed. Only the original zombies that started Rapid Infection can run at zombie sprint speed.
  • When zombified, you will receive fall damage, just like a regular survivor. Only the original zombies that started Rapid Infection will not receive fall damage.
  • Only regular zombies spawn in Rapid Infection. You cannot earn or buy any Special Infected.
    • While the option to buy Special Infected is in the In-Game Store, this will not transform you into any Special Infected.
  • Running can help chase down survivors.
  • You cannot use the Deadvelopment Center.
  • Once you've killed a survivor they become your "child" and you will share in their kill rewards.
    • You get 10$ for each kill your child gets.
    • You get 5$ for each kill your descendants past your child gets.
    • Every player they kill will count towards your Killstreak.
  • Look for survivors who seem like they have low stamina, as they won't be able to defend themselves from you.
  • Idle is an easy way to gain money, so use that if you wish.


  • This is the first gamemode to adjust zombie health without any input from the Deadvelopment Center.
  • When you respawn as a zombie, the same animation plays as whenever someone zombifies in a regular round.
  • This is the first non-PVP Gamemode to disallow items and armor.
  • You get no money from killing zombies, excluding AI Normals and starting zombies.