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"Transportation via rail? What is this, the 1950s?"


The Rail is an item exclusive to Mogadishu Transit's Campaign.

After placing down fifteen planks, you are tasked with finding two of these. Like the planks, Rails are scattered around the map and, like the planks, you have to carry them to the Trolley.

Background Story

Rails were made using metal before the apocalypse hit and were used for train tracks. Not much else is known about these Rails specifically or who manufactured them. Their unique shape only matches with the tracks seen in Mogadishu.


  • Rails usually spawn rather far apart from each other, so spread out to cover more ground quickly.
    • You can also use the Tag Objective in the In-Game Store to find this.
  • Unlike the Planks, you can only carry one piece of Rail at a time.
  • While holding the Rail, you are also able to Punch and Kick, like the Plank. Use this to your advantage as you can protect yourself this way.
    • Unlike the Planks, you can use a Mount to carry a Rail.
      • Equipping anything will result in the Rail dropping to the floor.
  • After placing these, rush to the electricity button and have people push the Trolley to win.


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