"For when you need to call in a Rescue Vehicle!"
―Radio Salesman


The Radio is a part of the M.S Antares & Campfire Chaos II Campaign. It is used to call the respective Rescue Vehicles as part of the Campaigns.

Background Story

After frantically realising their situation, the survivors on M.S Antares knew the damage to the vessel was done. They needed an escape.

They had a Radio on board and without delay, they sent their SOS signal for help.

Eventually receiving a helpful reply, the survivors gained a small sense of hope. Now they just need a plan to keep afloat a while longer...

Meanwhile, on a remote island in the middle of the Atlantic, a similar SOS signal came from a boombox. Don't ask who hot-wired the thing to send distress signals over channel 16, but it worked.


  • Try to reach the Radio as fast as you can to save time.
  • Call the Radio at the same time while people are throwing Rations overboard and people putting in the Pipes into the pump in M.S Antares.
    • Coordinate your efforts to maximise output.
    • You can also turn on the pump after you are done with the Radio to save some time in M.S Antares.
  • You can only push the Gas Tank after you call the Radio in Campfire Chaos II.
  • Hold "E" to use the Radio.


  • This was originally in R2D 2014 for the map Platypus to call Rescue.
  • In Debug, the options were: kill all survivors or call for Porta Coeli II. Nothing occured if either option was selected.
    • However, the options were later removed for the Campaign.
      • This was in the M.S Antares when it was released, but it was not recognised as an item until v1.1.1.

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