"For when you need to call in a Rescue Vehicle!"
―Radio Salesman


The Radio is a part of M.S Antares & Campfire Chaos Campaign.

Background Story

After frantically realising their situation, the survivors on M.S Antares knew the damage to the vessel was done. They needed an escape.

They had a radio on board, and without delay, they sent their SOS signal for help.

Eventually receiving a helpful reply, the survivors gained a small sense of hope. Now they just need a plan to keep afloat a while longer...

Meanwhile, on a remote island in the middle of the Atlantic, a similar SOS signal came from a boombox. Don't asked who hot-wired the thing to send distress signals over channel 16, but it worked.


  • Try to reach to the Radio as fast as you can to save time.
  • Call the Radio at the same time as people are throwing the Cargo overboard and people putting in the Pipes into the pumper in M.S Antares.
  • You can also turn on the pumper after you are done with the Radio to save some time in M.S Antares.
  • You can only push the Gas Tank after you call the Radio in Campfire Chaos.
  • Calling the Campfire Chaos Radio will net you 50$ and 1 Fame.
  • Hold "E" to use the Radio.


  • This was originally in R2D 2014 for the map Platypus to call Rescue.
  • In Debug, the options were: kill all survivors or call for Porta Coeli II. However, this was later dropped for the campaign.
    • Was in the M.S Antares when it was released, not recognised as an item until v1.1.1.