"Capable of blowing away waves of zombies in a fraction of a second, the RPG is the perfect secondary to demolish anything in its path with its powerful warhead!"


The RPG, short for Rocket Propelled Grenade, is your best friend in the apocalypse. Feel free to disintegrate entire hordes of zombies with a single rocket and laugh as they all turn to ash in front of you.

This weapon deals massive damage, but it doesn't have a lot of shots. Coupled with a long reload time, the danger of damaging yourself from the large explosion, and the fact that you only regain one rocket from each Ammo Station reload leads to some issues, but it still checks out.

Background Story

At the start of the outbreak, R-Brain Hardwork was just a starting company. Already, they had their sights on creating a weapon with extreme deadly force. With the minuscule funds they had, the Bazooka was produced in hopes of raising enough money to see this come to life.

That money was put to good use, and thus, a dream was born for everyone to use today. Ladies and gentlemen, the RPG.


  • As of v1.0.0b, you can now refill the RPG.
    • However, you can only obtain one rocket at a time.
      • A full refill on a weapon means one rocket for the RPG.
      • You'll burn through Ammo Stations, so ration wisely.
  • You're able to gain extra rockets through the Double Equip system.
    • This isn't recommended, however, as it will eat up Ammo Stations easily.
  • This weapon has quite a long range. Use this to your advantage.
    • The rocket slightly dips while travelling, so aim higher if you're aiming at further targets.
      • The rocket also travels forward in a small spiral pattern, which might cause an issue while precision aiming.
      • Jumping can help with this.
  • Watch out for the explosive radius!
    • It might be larger than what you would expect, so be sure to be a healthy distance away before firing.
  • Similar to the M202, the RPG has been banned from Free For All, Undead Battleground, Team Deathmatch, and Party Deathmatch.
  • The damage dealt is not enough to kill a Charged Brute all on its own, even if all rockets are used.
    • However, it is enough to severely weaken a Normal Brute.
      • You should still try to weaken it a bit with your primary before firing a rocket to guarantee the kill.
    • Even if it can nearly kill one, you have to keep in mind that it can still use its force-field to completely negate the damage. Try to catch it off guard.
  • On short rounds like Capture the Base, you don't have to be stingy with your ammo.
  • In Rapid Infection, the RPG can be quite useful in killing zombies that won't leave you alone.
    • Zombies that spawn mid-round are immediately killed, and the starting zombies are severely weakened.
    • With such a large blast radius, zombies will have a tough time hiding — even behind cover!
    • Be wary when you fire your rockets in this gamemode, as it is easy to accidentally kill yourself due to the massive range of the rockets and your measly 10 health.
  • It has been confirmed by PlaceRebuilder that Chronos XI should not have Explosive Immunity at all.
    • This doesn't mean that you should still bring the RPG. The explosion can push you off an edge.
    • The explosion damage can also trip you, leaving you vulnerable to attacks from mobs.
      • Keeping this in mind, you can still put out 4500 damage with all 3 rockets in under 10 seconds, making it a formidable secondary for Chronos.
  • It's best to fire the RPG at a hoard of special zombies such as Edgars or Leapers.
  • Rocket jumping will not work due to the damage being higher than the player health.
    • However, doing so while with a forcefield will work.


  • Very High Damage
  • Explosive
  • Quick Reload
  • Very High Total Damage
  • High Damage per Rocket
  • High Range


  • Single Shot
  • Low Reload Efficiency
  • Expensive



  • v1.0.0b
  • v1.0.2
    • Rank changed from 20 to 22.


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