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This item/feature has been removed.
There's no way to view this in-game and it's never going to be added back in again.
Information is definitely out-dated, and you shouldn't really take it to heart.

"Even if the villainous, rage filled crustaceous pillager built this place of obstacles and slips and slides, he didn't forget to add some fun in his course."


R2DA Wipeout III is the third obstacle course related to R2DA Wipeout and R2DA Wipeout II. Unlike the other two, there is a boss at the end that you have to fight in order to complete this course.

Background Story

After the abandoning of what was once like a fun amusement park, one very crabby buccaneer, disassembled the parts of both abandoned obstacle courses and remade it to a coagulated system. It was payback time.

He hid underneath the sand to make an ambush on the survivors that once gave him festering wounds. It is now or never.


Mobs: Sand Crab (Obstacle 1, 7 and Boss Fight), Woda (Boss Fight), Captain Crab (Boss Fight)

  • Obstacle 1 - Crab Ambush - Open all the crates and kill the Sand Crabs to progress to the next part of the obby.
  • Obstacle 2 - Spinning Logs - Traverse the two spinning logs and climb up the water ramp.
  • Obstacle 3 - Riding Waves - Use the Jetskis provided to reach the next stage(s) of the obstacle course. Avoid the water sprouts, which will instantly kill you. The middle path is the main path, in which you must avoid swinging hammers. When you reach the island, you can claim the checkpoint, but be aware of water splats.
  • Detour 1 - Lone Island - To the right of the main path is a sandy island with chests and tickets, activated with a button. There is a one-way teleporter which can only be used by one person. This will teleport you halfway through Obstacle 4.
  • Detour 2 - Sucker for Chests - To the left of the main path, you need to avoid the cannons to reach the island. There are chests which you can claim, but make sure to avoid the water splats. You then need to traverse the sucker punches to reach the checkpoint. You can also do this detour in reverse order, going to the checkpoint first, then going across the sucker punch.
  • Obstacle 4 - Sucker Punch 2.0 - Avoid the two sucker punches.
  • Obstacle 5 - Cannons - Avoid the four cannons which will shoot projectiles to trip you into the water.
  • Obstacle 6 - The Sweeper - Avoid touching the spinning sweeper by jumping onto the platforms.
  • Obstacle 7 - Sand Crab Revenge - Go onto the moving floating platform which will go across four machines which will spew out Sand Crabs to trip you. These are not active so will disappear in the water.
  • Obstacle 8 - Ascending Platforms - Jump onto various platforms, avoiding the water sprouts. Claim the checkpoint at the end.
  • Obstacle 9 - Super Jump - Use the Boosterpads to jump to higher platforms.
  • Obstacle 10 - The Mini Climb - Depending on how low down you jumped to on the final platform, avoid the sucker punch and water splat.
  • Detour 3 - Hidden Tickets - Nestled within the final platform are Tickets to claim. If you go down here, you cannot get back up unless you use the Boo Blast. Also, be aware of the water splat.
  • Obstacle 11 - Bridge - Push the button to activate the bridge. Every other plank on it will fall. Avoid the water sprouts.
  • Obstacle 12 - Timed Platforms - Activate the button, avoid the sucker punch and water splat, then jump to every increasing platforms, which will disappear after a while.
  • Detour 4 - Greedy or Not? - To the left of the main path is another podium, with chests. Avoid the water splat.
  • Obstacle 13 - Downhill Descend - Jump to fixed platforms which decrease in altitude. More chests can be claimed.
  • Obstacle 14 - Water Slide - Use the Froggo to ride down the water slide. You do not need the Froggo, but will be tripped if you do not use it.
  • Obstacle 15 - Final Push - Jump between rocky podiums to reach the final checkpoint. Avoid water splats. Upon reaching this, everyone is teleported to the end, for the Captain Crab boss fight.
  • Boss Fight - Defeat Captain Crab.


Does not include Captain Crab rewards.


This section only relates to tips on the obstacle part of this map. For boss fight tips, see the Captain Crab page.

  • This map is littered with Regular Chests and Tickets that you can get, though do be aware that some are impossible to get.
  • Regular items and mounts are banned on this map, but the Give Command and In-Game Store both work.
  • Use the Boo Blast if you're feeling anxious on dying on platforming obstacles.
  • Do not crowd near the Jetski spawn as it may result in you getting pushed to the water.
  • You cannot use the Jetski to reach the last island, bypassing all the obstacles, due to a kill wall.
  • Only one person needs to reach the end of the obstacle course. Therefore, it is just best to wait at the start and wait to get teleported.
    • This also saves on any hearts left for the Captain Crab fight.
  • You have infinite stamina on this map, so it is best to use armor that is best suited for the Captain Crab boss fight.
  • It is best to disable the Subscribe feature in the Store before playing this map as each respawn will deplete your cash unnecessarily.
    • You do not need the Subscribe feature to be on to respawn with your armor.
    • This will not affect your ammunition type but will be wasted if you die.
  • When opening the crates at the beginning of the map, you can climb the wipeout sign to easily avoid the Sand Crabs.


  • This map took 2 years to make with a lot of prototypes made before deciding to finish the final which you saw in-game.
  • The first map to have both Quest and Boss in one place.
  • This map has two soundtracks, one for the obby and one for the Captain Crab boss fight.
    • In early Debug, the map had 2 different unused soundtracks. Both can be played as beachbossa and captaincrab.
  • All Ammo Stations on this map have 5 refills.
  • There are Sand Crab shells poking out of the platform near the Froggo slide. It was supposed to be an obstacle where Sand Crabs would jump out of the ground and start attacking the players who stepped on the trap.
  • One of the twelve Regular Chests is underwater beside a tall pillar, therefore meaning you cannot claim it.