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This item/feature has been removed.
There's no way to view this in-game and it's never going to be added back in again.
Information is definitely out-dated, and you shouldn't really take it to heart.

"This is not my ideal representation of a fun summer vacation. Wait, summer is over? Oh. Well, its still an obstacle course I guess..."


R2DA Wipeout II is a remake of R2DA Wipeout but more difficult. Don't be surprised if you get Egged or Pied into the water during the obby. Completing this Quest unlocks Papa Squid boss fight.

Background Story

After Papa Squid was discovered by the survivors, he had no choice to flee far away as possible, but the survivors were tracking him down quicker than he could run. By a stroke of luck, Papa Squid found an abandoned obstacle course that was built a year ago, so he hastily got to work restructuring the obstacle course. Unknowingly, he had made the course harder than the original. Thanks to his many tentacles, he could finish the course in a few hours and had spare time. What did he do to make it a bit harder? Take some honey from Aquatic Swarmers and then slab it on the beginning of the obby. The obstacle was ready.


  • Obstacle 1 - Caution, Wet Floor - Jump on the platforms. Certain parts of the platform have pools of water, so do not touch them or you will be tripped repeatedly until you are no longer on the puddle (most likely in the water).
  • Obstacle 2 - Timed Parkour - Another jump on platforms. Press the star button to make the platforms appear. They remain visible for roughly 20 seconds.
  • Obstacle 3 - Moving Platforms - Jump on moving platforms. They move in a square pattern, but their movement is randomised everytime. The platforms also slightly tilt.
  • Obstacle 4 - Sucker Punch - Avoid getting hit by the red boxing gloves which are timed to punch.
  • Obstacle 5 - Tentacle - Use the tentacle to transport yourself to the next obstacle. You must hold the Plushie in order for you to proceed. If you are not holding it, the tentacle will throw you into the water killing you.
  • Obstacle 6 - Hammer Dodge - Run or walk past the swinging hammers.
  • Obstacle 7Wheel - Jump over the rotating wheel and proceed.
  • Obstacle 8 - Parkour Island - Climb to the top of the island. Watch out for the C4 cloud, as well as the solitary boxing glove.
  • Obstacle 9 - Parasol Glide - Take the Parasol given at the peak of the island and use it to glide over to the next platform.
  • Obstacle 10 Jetski Ride - Use the provided Jetski to get to the ticket island. Once you're there step on the button to spawn a 40 Tickets and unlock Papa Squid's Treasure.



  • You have unlimited stamina, so bringing stamina supplying vests or stamina supplying items are useless.
  • On Obstacle 5, sometimes you can be dropped into water even if you have equipped the Plushie, be careful.
    • Make sure it is out. If it is simply in your inventory, you won't get past.
  • On Parkour Island, using the Karambit can help you reach the Parasols.
  • On Parkour Island, be careful whenever opening the Regular Chests as you are vulnerable to the C4s.
  • You can skip the wheel by just jumping on the cylinders on its side.
  • The Jetski, Duck and Rocket Sleigh mounts will not spawn on this map.
  • You will trip if you touch the Jetski with the Rocket Sleigh mount equipped.
    • Try not to jump once you are on the Jetski as you will despawn the mount and likely fall into the water.
  • On the Timed Parkour, make sure you have enough time to get across.


  • First map to be based off another map that is already in R2DA.
  • On the Tentacle, you can still get thrown into the water even though you are holding the Plushie. This mostly occurs because of lag.
  • This is generally considered a more challenging R2DA Wipeout.
  • This is the first map to ban some certain mounts.
    • The reason is that the mounts banned will give you an unfair advantage on this map.
  • For some reason, the Regular Chests this map has grants Chronos XI rewards instead of Papa Squid rewards.