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R2DA Wipeout

This item/feature has been removed.
There's no way to view this in-game and it's never going to be added back in again.
Information is definitely out-dated, and you shouldn't really take it to heart.

"The SANI Virus isn't the only thing that wiped out most of humanity."


R2DA Wipeout is an obstacle course where the objective is to get to the red X at the end. The main purpose of this map is to enable people to fight King Crab II, if they are able to get to the end. This map has no mobs.

Background Story

"What? You want everyone who wants to go fight that crab to go through a stupid obstacle course first?"

"Why not?"

"Isn't it a little ... dangerous?"

"We'll put some chests at the end to make up for that."



  • Obstacle 1 - Slide - A slide that trips you when you make contact with it.
  • Obstacle 2 - Parkour - Jump from small platforms to the next obstacle.
  • Obstacle 3 - Rolling Logs - Parkour from the two logs that roll.
  • Obstacle 4 - The Sweeper - Jump to different platforms while avoiding a spinning bar.
  • Obstacle 5 - Hammer Dodge - Run or walk past the hammers and use the Boosterpad to move on to the next obstacle.
  • Obstacle 6 - The Wall - Avoid the sucker punch, avoid the troll platform and avoid the rolling barrels to reach the top of the wall.
  • Obstacle 7 - Flight - Use the Parasol provided to land on the red X.
  • Detour 1 - Chest Flight - 3 platforms, 2 tickets on 2 of the platforms (8 tickets to collect in total) and 2 chests in the end with a pad that teleports you back to the start of Obstacle 6. Teleport pad can only be used once. After someone used it, you are stuck there until someone lands in the red X.
  • Detour 2 Outcast Island - Small sand island far outside the main map, pressing the button in the centre of it costs you 5 Fame but spews out 40 Tickets all for you to collect or it will instantly kill you. There is no teleport pad to be found on this island, so you're stuck there once you set foot, until someone lands on the red X or you jump into the water.



  • Sprinting while hovering with Parasol makes you hover to other areas faster. This is required to beat Obstacle 7 or go to Detour 2.
  • Bring the Tactical II for extra stamina for the parkour portions of the Quest.
  • There is no need to bring a personal Parasol, you will be supplied with one at the end of The Wall.
  • Bringing a Karambit can help you skip some of The Wall.
  • Don't be the first person to slide, you may get pushed into the water by fellow tripped survivors.
    • You can ride the Mini Crab or Ice Rhino down the slide without being stunned to prevent this from happening.
    • Else, you can walk down the side of the slide to prevent this from happening.
      • This is quite dangerous though, as you'll need balance and you might be pushed off by a survivor sliding down.
  • The Sweeper is slightly buggy. Try to adapt to when you get tripped up from the arm.
    • You can also use the Ice Rhino to time your jumps.
  • You do not need to be on the red X to win. Once somebody lands on it, everybody who is still alive wins.
  • During Obstacle 6, at the rolling barrels, hug the wall so you don't get pushed off by the rolling barrels.
  • If you choose to go to Outcast Island and spend 5 Fame on the button, you can either get 40 Tickets or die.
    • This is based on luck.
    • If a user decides to complete Wipeout by landing on the X, you won't be able to collect any more Tickets or get your Fame back.


  • Based on the popular gameshow "Wipeout".
  • During Debug, the thumbnail for R2DA Wipeout was an image of Foxriver Prison.