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The R2DA Summer Event 2019 is the third summer event which that was released on Unknown 2019.

Speculative stuff

  • Baby Crocodile boss?
  • Some Hotel Beach map for obby? It's always an obby come on.
    • nvm there are zombies on it, could be an event map soooooo idk.
  • Zombie Swimsuit Costumes.
  • Underwater map with a octopus mini boss?

Exclusive Weapons

WaterGun (2)
Splashy(That's the shortened in-game name)

Exclusive Items

Jetski (2) Crocodile Swimring (2)
Jetski Crocodile/Frog Swimring (not the real name)

Holiday Themed Maps

A Winter Wonderland
(Placeholder template, Not official)
Foxriver Prison
(Placeholder template)

Major Event Updates

Note: These logs only contain update notes pertaining to the event itself, if you want to view the entirety of update logs, please click here.

Update 1.3.6 (Possible Start of event)

Nothing yet


  • Third event summer of the r2da.
  • This event is also the most delayed event in r2da history.


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