The Release Event 2016 celebrated the release of Reason 2 Die: Awakening.

This event signified the end of the DEMO period and onto a brand new era.

Exclusive Mobs

KingCrab (3)
King Crab

Exclusive Weapons


Exclusive Items

ButtonPruneJuice ButtonStrawberryJuice ButtonPineJuice ButtonCrabmine ButtonCrabvest
Prune Juice Strawberry Juice Pine Juice Crabmine Crab Armor

Exclusive Maps

King Crab (Map)

Major Event Updates

Note: These logs only contain update notes pertaining to the event itself, if you want to view the entirety of update logs, please click here.

Update 0.5.2 (Preparation)

+Added Newspaper (unavailable)

Update 0.5.4 (Further Preparation)

+Added Strawberry Juice (unavailable)
+Added Pine Juice (unavailable)
+Added Prune Juice (unavailable)

Update 0.5.9 (More Preparation)

+Added Crab Armor (unavailable)

Update 0.6.1 (Release)

+Added CrabKing
+Added Crabmine
+Added Eventstore
^Pine, Strawberry and Prune Juice available
^Crab armor available
^Newspaper available

Update 0.6.5 (Fixed Boss Tripping)

*Fixed Tripping BOSS mobs

Update 0.6.7 (Lowered price for items)

^Lowered price on Crab armor
^Lowered price on Crabmine

Update 0.6.8 (Removed Hammer from Bossfight; bugfixes)

^Added no hammer to Crab king
*Fixed Bossview in menu

Update 0.6.9 (Bugfixes; buying Tickets)

+Added option to buy Tickets (!)
*Fixed NoHammer on Crab

Update 0.7.0 (Removal of Boss)

-Removed CrabKing
     You can still buy Tickets for a little while
     incase you were saving up for newspaper

Update 0.7.9 (Removal of Eventstore)

-Removed Eventstore


  • This was R2DA's second event.
  • Both the Event Store and Tickets appeared for the first time in this event.

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