The R2DA Halloween Event 2018 is the 3rd Halloween event which was released on the 12th of October instead of the planned release date of the 11th of October. The event ended on the 14th of November.

Exclusive Mobs

LordVumpkitemlate ButtonBoo SkullButton2 Halloweenzombiesimproved SkullHead
Pumpkinator Boo Skullguard Halloween Costumes 2018 Skellie
Drone2019 (2)

Exclusive Weapons

Bone Sword

Exclusive Items

Pie Boopack Batwingbutton ItemButton-OwOBomb VuumpkinsBotButton
Pumpkin Pie Boopack Batwing Skincrate Owonade Pumpkin Bot
HSB PumpkinChest (2) KeyTemplate (1)
Halloween Skincrate Halloween Chest Key

Exclusive Skins

Hallo Crate2
Batwing Halloween

Exclusive Maps

Hallowennnn Chickeninator arena
Trick O' Threat Town Pumpkinator's Bootcamp Pumpkinator's Stronghold

Exclusive Badge

Won Halloween Event 2018

Major Event Updates

Note: These logs only contain update notes pertaining to the event itself, if you want to view the entirety of update logs, please click here.

Update 1.2.3 (Start of event)

+Added Pumpkinator [BOSS]
+Added Pumpkinators Bootcamp [QUEST]
+Added Batwing [Event Skin]
     to Steyr, M249, Rambo, Bat, RPG, Scar-H, HK416
+Added Halloween [Event Skin]
     to Luger, Mini Uzi, Scar-H, HK416
     already exist for multiple other guns
+Added Pmpkin B0t [MOUNT]
+Added OwOnade [EVENT ITEM]
+Added Pumpkin Pie, Boopack [EVENT ITEM]
+Added Costumes for ALL Mobs
10% chance of spawning normally
     credits to Rockynic for Brute, Leaper, Edgar, Stalker costumes
+Added Ticket Collector, Boo Buster I,II [CONTRACTS]

Update 1.2.4 (Part II)

+Added Trick o' Treat Town [EVENT MAP]
+Added Bonesword [EVENT MELEE]
     can block other melees (Except chainsaw)
      find in Bosschest or buy with Tickets
+Added Batwing, Sunshine, Soulblade, Red/Blue Toy to Steyr M [SKIN]
+Added Batwing, Halloween to Shotty 12 [SKIN]
+Added Halloween, Sunshine, Soulblade to Spas-12 [SKIN]
+Added Aim-assist to Pumpkinbot Mount
+Added new attack for Pumpkinator
+Added Pumpkinator Badge
^Inf. energy for beginners halloween quest
*Changed Pumpkinator health from 500k -> 750k
*Fixed loud lava spouts sounds
*Fixed Skullguard damage

Update 1.2.5 (More skins)

+Added Halloween to AK-47 [SKINS]
+Added Batwing to Toybow [SKIN]
^Pumpkinator Health changed from 750k -> 650k (!)
^Changed Blocking feature (see Bonesword)
^New Bonesword hit sounds
^New Skellie head mesh
^Skellie kill icon added
^Nerfed amount of skellies on Beginner servers
^Better Bonessword hitbox
^Reduced block time for Skellies
-Removed relocate on TrickOThreat minigame ending

Update 1.2.6 (End of event)

*Fixed Boneshield Block when unequipped
-Removed Halloween update


  • Third consecutive Halloween event, fourth Halloween in the R2D series overall.

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