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The R2DA Halloween Event 2016 was an event which celebrated Halloween in the second half of October. It's a follow-up to R2D's last Halloween event from 2014. It features the reveal of Lord Pumpkin's son, Lord Pumpkin Jr. (otherwise known as Lord Pumpkin the Second) as the boss for this event, as well as the return of the Halloween obstacle course, albeit with a much different form this time around.

Exclusive Mobs

Lord Pumpkin Jr. Boo

Exclusive Items

Pumpkin Pie Hallows Bomb Boopack Key

Exclusive Maps

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Halloween Bootcamp Lord Pumpkin Jr.

Exclusive Badges

Won Halloween Event 2016 Badge.png
Won Halloween Event 2016

Major Event Updates

Note: These logs only contain update notes pertaining to the event itself, if you want to view the entirety of update logs, please click here.

Update 0.8.0 (Release)

+Added Lord Pumpkin Jr. [BOSS]
     Unlock from Gamepass or from Bootcamp chests!
+ Added Halloween Bootcamp [MAP]
+ Added Boo [NPC/MOB]
+ Added new Winscreen
+ Added Boopack [EVENT ARMOR]
+ Added Pumpkin Pie [EVENT ITEM]
+ Added Hallows Bomb [EVENT ITEM]

Patch 0.8.0b (Nerfed Boss)

^ Reduced Lord Pumpkin Jr. Health from 500k -> 350k (!)
     Go harvest tons of gold and event items! :D
* Fixed Eventshop hidding Party GUI

Update 0.8.1 (Fixed late spawning; added Win for Bootcamp)

^ Bootcamp opening all chests = Win
* Fixed late survivor joining
* Fixed lagswitching chest

Update 0.8.4 (Removal of Boss and Bootcamp)

+ Added new winscreen
- Removed Lord Pumpkin Jr.
- Removed Halloween Bootcamp
     Note: Eventstore is up for 1 more week
     so you can use up your last tickets

Update 0.8.5 (Removal of Eventstore)

- Eventstore removed


  • This was the first Halloween event in R2DA.
  • Lord Pumpkin Jr. is the son of Lord Pumpkin who was slain in R2D 2014's Halloween event.

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