The R2DA Easter Event 2019 is the first Easter event in R2DA, and the second overall in the R2D series, with the Easter Event 2015 being the first.

Due to the fact it wasn't released during Easter, this can be referred to as the R2DA Spring Event 2019.

Exclusive Mobs

DuckB (1) Turnip (2) EasterTemplate2
Ducky Turnip Easter Zombies

Exclusive Weapons

ToyHammer (2)
Toy Hammer

Exclusive Items

Magnet (2) DuckMount (2) MobEggs Egg (2) Farmer (1) DuckChest (2)
Magnet Duck (Mount) Mob Eggs Eggs Farmer's Jacket Duck Chest
KeyTemplate (1)

Exclusive Vehicles

Flying Ship

Exclusive Maps

Duckland Duck's Quest

Exclusive Badges

EdgarB StalkerB BruteB DiggerB
Costume Badge [Edgar] Costume Badge [Stalker] Costume Badge [Brute] Costume Badge [Digger]
TickerB ElementalB
Costume Badge [Ticker] Costume Badge [Elemental]

Major Event Updates

Note: These logs only contain update notes pertaining to the event itself, if you want to view the entirety of update logs, please click here.

Update 1.3.5 (Start of event)

+Added Toy Hammer [WEAP]
+Added Farmers Jacket [ARMOR]
+Added Eggs [ITEM]
+Added Duckys Farm [BOSS]
+Added Duckys Bootcamp [QUEST]
+Added Duck [MOUNT]
+Added Magnet [ARMOR]
      attracts drop
*Fixed untakable Tickets
*Fixed Tickets price not showing for armors in Store
credits to @BelowNatural for amazing skins and help with event!

Patch 1.3.5a (Super Smash added)

+Added Supersmash to Toy Hammer
      hold to charge
^Changed Toy Hammer energy from 6 -> 10
*Lowered Duck-Guitar HP from 14,000 -> 8,000


  • First Easter event in R2DA.
  • This is probably the most delayed event in R2D history.
  • During this Easter 2019 Event, there was much debate on whether or not this would get a second part.

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