The R2DA Christmas Event 2020 is the 6th Christmas event in R2DA which that was released on the 5th of December 2020

Exclusive Mobs

Pengwin (2).png
Frigice (1).png
GangsterBread Minion (1).png
FishMeme (2).png
IcyTurret (2).png
P3NG-W1N Frigice Toy Penguin Gingerbread Minion Punk Fish Icy Turret
X-Mas Costumes 2020

Exclusive Weapons

Boomerang real.png

Exclusive Items

GiftOfGoodness (2).png
GiftOfHealth (2).png
GiftOfLuck (2).png
Snowball Candy Cane Acorn Gift Of Goodness Gift Of Health Gift of Luck
Cyronade but again.png
Discord nitro vest.png
Mario star real.png
Train yeah.png
Christmas Skincrate Cryonade Sundae Nitrovest Star Train
CandyChest (2).png
KeyTemplate (1).png
RedGift (2).png
Candy Cane Chest Key Big Gift Tank

Exclusive Vehicles

IcyRaft (1).png
ToyLandTrain (2).png
Frostbite River Boat Toyland Train

Exclusive Skins


Exclusive Maps

Toy Land.png
Icy Wonderland.png
CK Thumbnail.png
P3NG-W1N's Toyland Icy Wonderland Cake Kingdom

Holiday Themed Maps

RobloxScreenShot20201205 203948519.png
Christmas foxriver2020.png
RobloxScreenShot20201205 210832598.png
RobloxScreenShot20201205 213439045.png
1930's Happystreet Foxriver Prison Subway Victoria Harbor
RobloxScreenShot20201205 211218186.png
RobloxScreenShot20201205 211612526.png
RobloxScreenShot20201205 213057606.png
Farmhouse Café County Bouri Rig 71 Shoot'em Up Town
Tokyo, Japan

Major Event Updates

Note: These logs only contain update notes pertaining to the event itself, if you want to view the entirety of update logs, please click here.

Update 1.5.0 (Start of event)

+Added ‘P3NG-W1N’s Toyland’ [BOSS]
+Added Icy Wonderland [QUEST]
+Added Costumes for zombies [COSTUME]
+Added Sundae [ITEM]
+Added Cryonade [ITEM]
+Added Star [ITEM]
+Added Nitrovest [ITEM]
+Added Train [ITEM]
+Added Acorn [ITEM]
+Added Candy Cane [ITEM]
+Added Snowball [ITEM]

Patch 1.5.0a (Bug Fixes)

* Frigce health changed from 80k -> 25k in Beginner servers
* P3NG-W1N health changed to 350k -> 90k in Beginner servers
* Fixed boss not awarding badge
* Fixed Gifts disappearing when prestiging
* Fixed glitch spot at Icy Wonderland

Patch 1.5.0b (Bug Fixes)

* Nitrovest now explodes on 50HP limit
* Fixed Christmas tree bug
* Fixed Boss map only glitch
* Fixed gift animations not loading
* Fixed gifts not spawning second round
* Fixed nitrovest not triggering second time

Update 1.5.1 (Opening gifts)

+Gifts can now be opened!
+Added Tank [MOUNT]
+Added Boomerang [WEAP]

Patch 1.5.1a (Buffs & Bug Fixes)

^Tank mounts now have 2200 Health (!)
^Improved Boomerang accuracy
^Banned Tanks on MS
*Fixed Tank instakilling you on certain maps
*Fixed Boomerang Z-Fighting
*Fixed train/tank post-despawn lag (?)
*Fixed Christmas Tree moving parts bug
*Fixed Tank/Plane not moving (!)

Update 1.5.2 (End of Event)

^Seasonal items/armors take off sale
-Removed P3NG-W1N
-Removed Icy Wonderland
-Removed Cake Kingdom


  • This is the sixth consecutive Christmas event in the R2D series.
  • The R2DA Christmas Event 2020 has received the most bugs reported than other R2DA Events.
    • Example: The gifts disappearing when prestiging, star item increasing the height of the floor and nitrovest not triggering second time.

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