The R2DA Christmas Event 2019 was the fifth Christmas event in the R2DA which that was released on the fourth of December 2019. It ended on the second of February 2020.

Exclusive Mobs

FrostyJr (1) PapaG (1) ButtonPenguinMob GangsterBread Minion (1) FishMeme (2) WinterXmasZomibes (2)
Frosty Jr. Papa G. Bread Toy Penguin Gingerbread Minion Punk Fish X-Mas Costumes 2019

Exclusive Weapons

Ice Sledge

Exclusive Items

ButtonFrozenXMasCape ButtonSnowball Breadmanlolopggxd ButtonCandyCane TreeRabbitFoodButton YetiChest (2)
Frozen X-Mas Cape Snowball Gingerbread (Item) Candy Cane Acorn Yeti Chest
BlueGift (2) GreenGift (2) RedGift (2) ChristmasButton ButtonChristmasBeanie ButtonChristmasCoat
Blue Gift Green Gift Red Gift Christmas Skincrate Christmas Beanie Christmas Coat
ButtonXMasCape ButtonGOW M2Tripod (2) ToyPlaneButton
X-Mas Cape Big Gift M2 Tripod Toy Plane

Exclusive Vehicles

SleighAAAA (1) Raft (2)
Sleigh Raft

Exclusive Skins


Exclusive Maps

CK Thumbnail
DieQuest FrostJrGate
Cake Kingdom High Bye Die Gatekeeper II

Holiday Themed Maps

District III
Remains snow-themed
1930's Kingstreet Shoot'em Up Town Tokyo, Japan

Major Event Updates

Note: These logs only contain update notes pertaining to the event itself, if you want to view the entirety of update logs, please click here.

Update 1.4.0 (Start of event)

+Added Frosty Jr [BOSS]
+Added High Bye Die [MAP]
+Added Gate Keeper II [MAP]
+Added District III [MAP]
+Added M2 Tripod [Mount]
+Added Blue, Green, Red Gifts [ITEM]
     spawns with 10+ players
+Added Gingerbread (Item) [ITEM]
+Added Acorn [ITEM]
+Added Candy Cane [ITEM]
+Added Snowball [ITEM]
+Added Christmas Beanie [ARMOR]
+Added Christmas Coat [ARMOR]
+Added Costumes for zombies [COSTUME]
^Toyfactory available outside greenlight
*Fixed Iceproof armors not working

Update 1.4.1 (Opening gifts)

+Added Toyplane [MOUNT]
+Added Ice Sledge [MELEE]
^Turrets now break after 400 shots
*Eggs and Gingerbread can now work with ‘give’ command
*Fixed Elemental Christmas costume transform
*Fixed Swarmer costume collisions
-Removed gift spawning
-Removed PVE from District III

Patch 1.4.1a (Bugfixes)

*Fixed ‘Red Gift’ and ‘Green Gift’ gamepass (!)
-Removed Ice Sledge rank limit for Prestige
      will be re-added after the event

Patch 1.4.1b (Christmas intro)

+Added Christmas card intro

Patch 1.4.1c (Bugfixes)

*Fixed unable to open gifts [XBOX]
*Fixed equipping gifts in TDM false ban
      everyone banned by this has been unbanned
-Removed christmas card intro

Update 1.4.3 (End of Event)

^Seasonal items/armors take off sale
-Removed Gatekeeper
-Removed High Bye Die
-Removed Cake Kingdom


  • Like the Christmas Event 2016, the game Loading Screen was replaced with a Christmas one.
  • Sixth consecutive Christmas event in the whole R2D series.
  • This is the first Christmas event that didn't release on the first of December.
  • This is the first event to have two mounts.


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