The R2DA Christmas Event 2018 is the 5th Christmas event which that was released on the first of December 2018.

Exclusive Mobs

Rock n Boss MrMacaroniButton FishMeme (2) XmasZomibssssssssssss ButtonPenguinMob
Frost Golumn Mr. Macaroni Punk Fish X-Mas Zombies 2018 Toy Penguin
ShellButton GangsterBread Minion (1)
Shell Gingerbread Minion

Exclusive Weapons

Xmas Swo- Spear! (2) AAAAAAA (2)
Christmas Spear Frost Knuckles

Exclusive Items

PresenteComumBotão PresenteRaroBotão PresenteLendarioBotão ChristmasButton ChButton
Blue Gift Green Gift Pink Gift Christmas Skincrate Christmas Decoration
ButtonSnowball TreeRabbitFoodButton ButtonGingerbreadArmor ButtonCandyCane ButtonPenguin
Snowball Acorn Gingerbread Candy Cane Penguin
Hot Thing (2) FrostChest (2) Treno 2 CapaAntiNieve (2)
Hot Coco Golumn Chest Rocket Sleigh Frozen X-Mas Cape

Exclusive Vehicles

SleighAAAA (1)

Exclusive Skins


Exclusive Maps

CK Thumbnail
Snowy Snowy Hills Cake Kingdom Forgotten Cave

Holiday Themed Maps

1930's Kingstreet Shoot'em Up Town Tokyo, Japan Toy Factory
Remains snow-themed
Teminal Snowend
Terminal Decay New Bloxcoast II

Major Event Updates

Note: These logs only contain update notes pertaining to the event itself, if you want to view the entirety of update logs, please click here.

Update 1.2.7 (Start of event)

+Added Christmas Gift Hunt (!)
     you can find Blue, Green & Purple Presents
+Added 'Merry Christmas' to Steyr, Barret, Uzi, Shotty, Tinpot, Shovel, AK47, DB, Rambo, R700, M249 [SKIN]
+Added Spear [EVENT MELEE]
+Added Wintermode to Terminal, Kingstreet, Shootem, Tokyo
     incl. SBF
+Added Frost Golumn [BOSS]
+Added Snowy snowy hills [QUEST MAP]
+Added Cake Kingdom [MAP]
+Added Toy Factory [MAP]
+Added Christmas Victory stage
+Added Acorn, Hot Coco [EVENT ITEM]
+Added Penguin, Gingerbread [ARMOR]
+Added Snowballs, Candycane [EVENT ITEM]
+Added 'Christmas Decoration' to Bat [ATT]
+Added Christmas normal zombie
     drops Tickets
*Fixed Whistle

Patch 1.2.7a (Edits, bugfixes)

+Added Newbloxcoast Christmas Edition!
+Added Monkeyrun without initial Ice attack to Frost Golumn
+Added openable gifts to ToyFactory
^Thrown spear now Trip & Push
*Fixed 'Forgotten Cave' roofcamping
*Fixed Frost Golumn moveability
*Mounts now despawn in water
*Fixed Toyfactory ice color
*Fixed Snowy waterfall glitch
*Fixed Christmas-Digger digging bug
*Fixed Hot Coco drink when unequipped
-Removed explosion effect on icicle rain

Update 1.2.8 (Opening gifts)

+Gifts can now be opened (!)
+Added 'Christmas Rocket Sleigh' [MOUNT]
+Added 'Frost Knuckles' [WEAP]
+Added 'Frozen Christmas Cape' [ARMOR]

Patch 1.2.8a (Edit to sleigh, bugfixes)

^Redid Sleigh controls (!)
*Fixed Boss maps not unlocking (!)

Patch 1.2.8b (Bugfixes)

^Disabled Gloves in GG, SBF
*Fixed a roof in NewBloxcoast
*Fixed Gloves in FPS
-Removed wierd zladder on ToyFactory

Update 1.2.9 (End of the event)

^ToyFactory moved to Greenlight
*Fixed Sleigh collision
-Removed Christmas update


  • Fifth consecutive Christmas event in the whole R2D series.
  • Between the 24th and 26th of December, there was a Gamepass sale for many weapons in R2DA.

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