The R2DA Christmas Event 2017 was the third R2DA Event which had celebrated Christmas. It began on December 1st, 2017.

Exclusive Mobs

Yeti II-Button-template GangsterBread Minion (1) ButtonPenguinMob MrMacaroniButton Flying Magic Ball Button XmasGangButton
Yeti II Gingerbread Minion Toy Penguin Mr. Macaroni Frozen Orb X-Mas Costumes 2017

Exclusive Weapons

ButtonIcestaff IcePewPewButton
Ice Staff Ice Gun

Exclusive Items

ButtonSnowball ButtonCandyCane Gift of 3.0 Gift of shrek Gift of idk IceRhisnow (2)
Snowball Candy Cane Common Gift Rare Gift Legendary Gift Ice Rhino
ButtonGingerbread ButtonYetiHelmet ButtonXMasCape YetiCrate YetiChest (2) ChButton
Gingerbread (Armor) Yeti Helmet X-Mas Cape Yeti Skincrate Yeti Chest Christmas Decoration

Exclusive Skins

Candy Cane

Exclusive Maps

CK Thumbnail
Cake Kingdom Yeti's Quest Return of the Yeti

Holiday Themed Maps

1930's Kingstreet Shoot'em Up Town Tokyo, Japan

Exclusive Badge

Yeti Badge
Won Christmas Event 2017

Major Event Updates

Note: These logs only contain update notes pertaining to the event itself, if you want to view the entirety of update logs, please click here.

Update 1.0.8 (Start of Event)

+Added Dual Mini Uzis [WEAP]
+Added Yeti II [BOSS]
+Added 'Hunt for Yeti II' [QUEST MAP]
+Added Cake Kingdom [MAP]
+Added 'Yeti Helmet' [ARMOR]
+Added Gingerbread [ARMOR]
+Added common Gift [ITEM]
+Added Rare Gift [ITEM]
+Added Legendary Gift [ITEM]
+Added Snowball [ITEM]
+Added Candycane [ITEM]
+Added 'Frostbite' state
+Added Christmas zombies
     10% of non-npc mobs are christmas mobs
     they wear christmas hats and drop Tickets! :D
+Added Yeticrates
+Added Candycane skins to AK47, Steyr, M202, Bat, Minigun
     found in Yeticrates
+Added new christmas intro
^Snow remake of Kingstreet, Shootem up, Tokyo
     big thanks to BelowNatural!
     incl. SBF gamemode
^Custom support for BlueSnowmanHatAndScarf hat
     because I like that hat :P

Patch 1.0.8a (Gift and frozen editing)

+Added Common Gift gamepass
+Added Rare Gift gamepass
+Added Legendary Gift gamepass
^Gifts spawn on all gamemodes except boss, quest etc.
^Optimized Frostbite
*Fixed Yeti health showing negativ
*Fixed CSG Armor when frostbite
*Fixed Kingstreet Snowtides icon
*Fixed Brute frostbite smash/throw
*Fixed Gifts not spawning 2nd round
*Fixed loosing arms after frostbite
*Fixed Edgar frozen
*Fixed Leaper frozen
*Fixed FPS cam while frozen
*Fixed Yeti healthbar not appearing in spectate
*Fixed Frozen penguins
*Fixed Yeti Helmet giving 2 mags
*Fixed Yeti quest map glitch areas

Patch 1.0.8b (Attachment and skins added)

+Added Christmas Decoration to Bat [ATT]
     sold limited time only
+Added Candycane to Tinpot, Flamethrower [SKIN]

Update 1.0.9 (Opening gifts)

!Gifts are now openable!
+Added IceRhino [MOUNT]
+Added Icegun [WEAP]
     Not available in PvP
+Added XMas Cape [ARMOR]
     only found from Christmas Brutes
^Buffed Xmas Brutes health
-Removed Gift spawning

Patch 1.0.9a (SnowRhino Mount fix)

*Fixed Headhacker ban bug.

Update 1.1.0 (End of event)

-Removed Christmas update
     keeping winter-remake-maps for a while

Update 1.1.2 (Removal of two winter maps)

-Removed winter theme from Tokyo & Shootem


  • This is the 3rd Christmas event of R2DA, after 2015 and 2016.
  • From the 24th of December, for 3 days, many weapon gamepasses were reinstated and most were offered at a reduced price.
  • On the 24th of December a special message from PlaceRebuilder was broadcasted when you first join the game. It is shown once only.
  • 1930's Kingstreet kept the winter theme until the Summer Event 2018.

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