The R2DA Christmas Event 2016 is one of R2DA's many major events celebrating big holidays, this being the last event of 2016 before the following year comes. R2DA's 2016 Event ended with a big bang to celebrate the incoming year of 2017. This event brought new items and one new gamemode: Minigame.

Exclusive Mobs

GangsterBread Minion (1).png
Rhi-snow Gingerbread Minion

Exclusive Weapons

XmasThing (2).png
Bell X-Mas Launcher

Exclusive Items

Snowball Candy Cane Gift of Healing Gift of Wealth Gift of Peace Party Whistle
Gingerbread (Armor) Penguin

Exclusive Maps

CK Thumbnail.png
RT Thumbnail.png
Cake Kingdom Rhi-snow Territory

Holiday Themed Maps

FP.C Thumbnail.png
WW Thumbnail.png
KS.C Thumbnail.png
VH.C Thumbnail.png
Foxriver Prison Winter Wonderland 1930's Kingstreet Victoria Harbor

Exclusive Badges

Rhi-Snow Badge.png
Won Christmas Event 2016

Scrapped Content

PapaBoss (2).png
Papa G. Bread

Major Event Updates

Note: These logs only contain update notes pertaining to the event itself, if you want to view the entirety of update logs, please click here.

Update 0.8.7 (Start of Event)

+ Added Snowball [ITEM]
+ Added Winter Wonderland [MAP]
+ Added Cake Kingdom [MAP]
+ Added Snowball Fight (SBF) [GAMEMODE]
+ Added Candy Cane [Event item]
+ Added Gingerbread [Event armor]
+ Added Foxriver Christmas version
+ Added Victoria harbor Christmas version
+ Added Kingstreet Christmas version
+ Added Christmas winscreen version
+ Winter menu added
^ Tickets displays in ingame menu
^ New intro tune

Update 0.8.8 (Added Penguin)

+ Added Penguin [EVENT ARMOR]
* Fixed Bell trip

Update 0.8.9 (Part 2 of the Event)

+Added Rhi-show Territory [BOSS]
+Added Gift of Healing [ITEM]
+Added Gift of Wealth [ITEM]
+Added Gift of Peace [ITEM]
     Can ONLY be claimed by Survivors!
     Find all three before Christmas eve!
     Spawns on all maps except Casius Outpost, Boss and Cake Kingdom
     Once found, can be equipped without loosing it
     also available as Gamepass
*Fixed Candycane 3D Icon

Update 0.9.0 (Part 3 of the Event)

+ Added special intro w. Christmas login bonus
     ONLY available the 24-25th
+ Added Whistle [ITEM]
     why yes it's absolutely useless
     what did you expect?
^ Gifts can now be opened!
     bring them ingame to open
* Fixed defibs on Rhisnow
- Removed ability to find/buy Gifts

Update 0.9.2 (End of the Event)

^ New winscreen
^ Recolored Foxriver
^ New thumbnails on Kingstreet, Foxriver & Terminal
- Removed Rhisnow map
- Removed Cake Kingdom
- Removed Victoria harbor winter version
- Removed Kingstreet winter version
- Removed Christmas menu theme
- Removed snowball item (cant be bought)

Update 0.9.3 (Removal of Eventstore)

-Removed Eventstore


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