The R2DA Aquatic Event 2019, also known as the R2DA Summer Event 2019, was R2DA's second official summer event (the Release Event 2016 was held during summer, but was not called a summer event) which was released on September 6th, 2019.

Exclusive Mobs

PapaSquidButton MiniShark (1) EvilBubble (2) Jellyfish (2) BallfishButton SummerZombiesTemplate
Papa Squid Mini Shark Evil Bubble Jellyfish Puffy Aquatic Costumes

Exclusive Weapons

WaterGun (2)
Splashy Washy

Exclusive Items

Jetski (2) ButtonFroggo PanamaPunch CameraButton Popsicle AquaticSkincrate (2)
Jetski Froggo Panama Punch Camera Popsicle Aquatic Skincrate
Harpoon (2) Plushie (2) KeyTemplate (1) CakeChest (2) ButtonCrabmine Redsuquitobutton
Harpoon Plushie Key Squid Chest Crabmine Raspberry Splush
Blueberry Splush

Exclusive Skins


Holiday Themed Maps

A Summer Wonderland Foxriver Prison
Remains holiday-themed

Exclusive Maps

Papa Squid's Treasure R2DA Wipeout II

Exclusive Badge

Defeated Papa Squid

Major Event Updates

Note: These logs only contain update notes pertaining to the event itself, if you want to view the entirety of update logs, please click here.

Update 1.3.6 (Start of the event)

>Added Event Costumes|EVENT
>Added Aquatic Skins|EVENT
+Added Papa Squid [BOSS]
+Added Wipeout II [QUEST]
+Added Splashy Washy [WEAP]
+Added Jetski [MOUNT]
+Added Froggo [ARMOR]
+Added Swarmer [MOB]
+Added Panama Punch [ITEM]
      makes you invincible to zombie scratches for 10s
+Added Popsicle [ITEM]
+Added Crabmine [ITEM]
+Added Foxriver Summer version
+Added Summer Wonderland (Winter Wonderland remake)

Patch 1.3.6a (Bug Fix and Badge)

+Added Papa Squid badge (!)
+Added Hard and Easy mode for Papa Squid
^Increased Squid healing range from 50 -> 75
^Camera now shocks Sharks
^Camera price changed from 12 -> 17
*Fixed Magnet armor on Papa Squid
*Fixed Brute and Swarmer costumes incorrect health
*Fixed Mini Uzi Aquatic skin delay

Patch 1.3.8 (End of event)

-Removed Wipeout II
-Removed Papa Squid
      might return later as permanent boss


  • The R2DA Aquatic Event is technically not a summer event as it was held after August.
    • However, it was still held during the astronomical summer, since that ended on September 22, 2019.
  • The Aquatic Event was originally going to be called the Summer Event 2019 before being renamed.
    • It was renamed due to a delay.


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