R2DA's weapons can technically be placed into tiers. However, due to the game not simply only being dependent on factors such as damage, certain weapons in higher tiers than others may still be worse than certain weapons in lower tiers. Thus, you must take this so-called "hierarchy" with a grain of salt.

Use your own experiences within the game, influences such as maps and the server's playerbase, and personal preference to determine which weapons truly are superior to others.


Ranged Weapons

All of the melees (see "Melee Weapons" list), all removed weapons, all event weapons, the M202, the Flamethrower, the RPG, the Tri-Blaster, the FATAL6, the Newbie, the Mini Uzis and the FATAL5 are not included within this list. There are many reasons for not including them — a single, simplified one is that it is too hard to rank them one above the other due to their qualities.

Semi Burst Auto Shotgun Sniper Machine Gun Lever Action
Tier 1 ButtonSteyrM ButtonM93R-0 ButtonSkorpion ButtonDBShotgun-0 ButtonR700-0
Tier 2 ButtonColtPython ButtonM16A1-0 HK416Button ButtonR870 ButtonDragunov-2 ButtonMinigun
Tier 3 ButtonCK Swat ButtonThompson-0 Shottygun12 ButtonBarret50c
Tier 4 ButtonLuger Akm ButtonSpas12 WinchesterButton
Tier 5 ButtonFamas ButtonM249
Tier 6 DualPistoleiroButton ScarHightBetter
Tier 7 P90 (2)


These are firearms that can only fire one bullet per click. All non-event secondary weapons are semi-automatic, except for the Mini Uzis.


These are firearms capable of firing projectiles one after the other as long as the left mouse is held down.

Normally, these weapons are quite inaccurate.


These are firearms capable of firing a burst of bullets at a time. Usually, three bullets are seen in a burst.

Every click sends off a burst, and accuracy is quickly diminished.


These are firearms that fire one shell at a time. Every shell splits up into pellets, and every single one does their own damage. If all the pellets land on a target, it usually deals massive damage.

Usually, shotguns are also pump-action, but the DB Shotgun is an exception.


These are precision rifles that usually deal a high amount of damage.

Most snipers are also bolt-action, but the Dragunov is an exception.

Machine Gun

These are automatic weapons, but with extremely high ammunition capacity.

With greater power, you have slowed walkspeed, pitiful accuracy, and longer reloads.

Lever Action

These are weapons that are sort of a fusion of snipers and shotguns.

They have high damage, range and accuracy values, but they don't have as good of a range or accuracy compared to snipers. They also reload in shells instead of magazines.

There is currently only one Lever Action weapon, namely the Winchester.

Melee Weapons

Melee weapon tiers do not compare to the ranged weapon tiers. Think of this hierarchy as its own separate list. Event Melees are not tiered here (unless they are part of a Celebration).

Knives Swords/Blades Blunts
Tier 1 ToySwordFromR2d PunchKickButton2
Tier 2 Newfireaxebutton DefaultTinpotButton
Tier 3 ButtonShovel
Tier 4 ButtonRambo-0 ButtonChainsaw ButtonBaseballBat-1
Tier 5 ButtonKarambit KatanaButton


These are melee weapons with a average damage values and average swing rate. They each have their own unique traits to make them stand out from the others.


These are melee weapons with highly varying damage and swing rates. They typically do not push or trip and usually use more energy then punching and kicking.


These are melee weapons that usually have low damage values but fast swing rates. Most also trip and/or push on impact. Those in lower tiers usually require less energy than punching and kicking.


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