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This item/feature has been removed.
There's no way to view this in-game and it's never going to be added back in again.
Information is definitely out-dated, and you shouldn't really take it to heart.

"What happens when you get a Knock-off Cheep Cheep?, This thing!"


The Punk Fish is a Quest mob for the Christmas 2018 Event and an obstacle for the Christmas 2019 Event. It is essentially a fish that looks... Let's just say exotic. It spawned in Snowy Snowy Hills to trip survivors into the water. In the Christmas 2019 Event, it jumps up to destroy the bridges in the Frostbite Tunnel in High Bye Die.

Background Story

One may say that these exotic animals came about after global warming was predicted. That would be true.

These waters are filled with deadly microbes and toxins that could kill any living organism. These fish adapted to their environment to wage a deadly revenge war against the people who started it. You, my friends, are their targets.


Snowy Snowy Hills

  • Time your run perfectly or try to go around it.
  • Due to it being small and fast you may not notice it and die.
  • Do not be complaisant when you are walking past these.
    • One tiny slip up may result in you tripping into the water.

High Bye Die

  • Be weary when crossing the bridge. It can likely jump and destroy the bridge while you're on it with no warning whatsoever.
  • This is only triggered when a survivor is detected on the bridge.
  • If Punk Fishes begin attacking the bridge, wait for the bridge to fully be destroyed.
    • This way, you have no chance of getting hit by a Punk Fish.
  • After the bridge is fully destroyed, you must use the wooden planks still above the water or the wooden stumps to cross the bridge.


  • This mob resembles the Cheep Cheep enemies from the Super Mario franchise.
    • Because of this, PlaceRebuilder was hesitant to add this mob due to the similarities and the possibility of a copyright strike.
  • First water based mob.
  • This can be found on the Christmas skin for the Christmas Spear, where it is just under the arrowhead.
  • Punk Fish was supposed to get a female variation as shown here.
    • It is currently unknown why this was scrapped.