"Everyone's favorite way to knock a zombie on the ground! It's got everything you need! It's free, does damage, you invulnerability?"
―Cheapskate Survivor


Tired of aiming? Out of ammo? Karate instinct kick in? Well no worry, the Punch and Kick will solve all your needs to deal with zombies that are too fast to be shot at! This feature allows you to trip zombies while gaining a bit of immunity. 

Punching is done with the "E" key and consumes 10 energy. Your character will go into a combo: the right fist, then the left, then finishing with an uppercut before starting again. All do the same amount of damage to a zombie.

Kicking is done with the "Q" key and consumes around 13 energy. The kick will either go clockwise or counter-clockwise, but if it connects with a mob, it will push back and stun the mob. Whatever direction the kick goes in, it does the same amount of damage it would do if it went the other way.


  • All mobs are susceptible to this attack and will be stunned.
    • However, you aren't completely invincible while doing so.
      • A Normal Zombie will still be able to damage you, if you're not careful, after the immunity wears off.
      • An Edgar can still claw you.
      • A Leaper cannot leap and ensnare you, so stunning a Leaper is relatively safe.
      • An Elemental can still use Rebirth/Charge or Transform, provided that it has enough stamina to do so.
      • A Brute is still able to shield itself, throw, and smash its club.
      • A Digger is still able to knock you down and damage you, if you're not careful after the immunity wears off.
        • It can trip you regardless of whether you have immunity or not.
      • A Ticker will still be able to do radiation damage and rush towards you.
      • A Stalker can still grab you and shield itself from attack.
      • A Swarmer can still throw its honey and beehive at you.
    • Other things, such as fire, explosions and radiation will still be able to kill you.
  • Knockback is applied in the direction of whatever limb landed on the target.
    • Kicks always push your foes back.
  • You can hit a mob twice with a Punch if you are close enough to it.
  • Paired with a Booster item, repeatedly using these moves while running away can help reduce the damage taken while escaping from a mob.
  • Survivors with low energy during Free Brawl, or at all in other PvP modes, will also ragdoll as well.
  • As melee weapons do not grant you immunity in Rapid Infection, these two melee attacks are the only ones to supply said immunity.
  • You can still use these when carrying certain Campaign items, such as the Rails, Tires, etc.


  • Punching and Kicking were in R2D 2014, although it wasn't as useful since there were better melee options.
    • The system was near worthless as the animations were very short.
    • In turn, you could expend a lot of energy in a short amount of time.

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