Pumpkinator's Bootcamp

This item/feature has been removed.
There's no way to view this in-game and it's never going to be added back in again.
Information is definitely out-dated, and you shouldn't really take it to heart.

"I wonder how long it will take for these bosses to realize obstacle courses aren't the best defense against thirty angry people with guns."


Pumpkinator's Bootcamp is another Halloween obby that you are required to do to fight the Halloween boss. This time you must complete this course to fight Pumpkinator.

Background Story

Some like to wonder if the horrific bosses that thousands of survivors call their enemy would simply like to be left alone. Does anyone truly want to face the wrath of squadrons of masses of flesh spewing thousands of rounds of lead at them?

Not really.

Apparently, these pitiful obstacle courses are the best they can do to stop them, but given their track record over the past five years or so, it doesn't work too well.


MobsSkullguards (Obstacle 9), AI Normals (Obstacle 9)

  • Obstacle 1 - The Plank - Jump over or wait for survivors to go on the plank as it will break on contact.
  • Obstacle 2 - Upward Slope - Avoid the yellow blocks that are positioned on the slope as they trip you into lava.
  • Obstacle 3 - Cannon Fodder - Avoid the cannons that can blast you into the lava.
  • Detour 1 - Bypass Jump - Double back on the narrow ledge after Obstacle 2 where you will reach a button. Upon pushing it, Obstacle 4 can be used.
  • Obstacle 4 - Platforms - Jump from ever varying heights to get from platform to platform. There are 2 fake platforms, these are random every round.
  • Obstacle 5 - Crusher - Avoid the yellow blocks which will crush you. Make sure to watch out for the disappearing yellow platforms after this.
  • Detour 2 - Nostalgia Lane - Go down the left hand lane, jumping from platforms to push the button. It allows you to skip the Block Jump.
  • Obstacle 6 - Block Jump - Jump from each block, which will disappear.
  • Detour 3 - Floating Detour - Jump from small yellow platforms to reach the button. Pushing the button will make the gate collapse.
  • Obstacle 7 - The Tower - Traverse the tower with the correct sequence of numbers. You must guess the numbers to get to each floor.
  • Obstacle 8 - The Chain - Traverse the spinning chain.
  • Obstacle 9 - The Graveyard - Fight Skullguards and AI Normals. Shoot the gravestones to do so.
  • Obstacle 10 - Guess the Door - Choose the correct door to unlock Pumpkinator's Stronghold.



  • Using your mount to go into lava will kill the mount, meaning you cannot use it for the rest of the round.
    • Losing your limbs will also mean you cannot use your mount.
  • You can avoid the Upward Slope tripping blocks by taking your time.
  • The narrow path on this course causes problems for large amounts of players. Don't all rush at once.
  • Most gravestones spawn 5 AI Normals, but three gravestones spawn Skullguards.
    • Do not overwhelm yourself with enemies.
    • It's best if you can get far away and use a Clockbomb.
    • The Flamethrower is ideal for clearing hordes of AI Normals if the numbers get out of hand.
  • The Cannon Fodder obstacle is hard to get past. Timing is key.
    • Alternatively, you can go on the cannons themselves for an easier path past the obstacles. However, this does not always secure your safety.
  • On the Block Jump, M202 and RPG shots, thrown Tomahawks and Rambo Knives can make the blocks disappear. Be wary of trolls doing that.
    • This is BANNABLE, so don't do it.
  • The Tower code is randomised every time each time you play.
    • You can use the Karambit to skip The Tower, however this won't allow you to proceed to the next objective.
  • On Platforms, use a thrown Rambo Knife or Tomahawk to see which block will trip you.
  • On The Chain, begin running once the swing is straight to avoid the chain swinging back.
  • Infinite stamina is only applied at the start of the round. Once someone reaches the top of the tower, everybody loses infinite stamina.
  • There are various Beginners changes, to make it that bit easier for new players:
    • Lava rises much more slowly.
    • Cannon Fodder shoots more sparingly.
    • The Graveyard only spawns 2 AI Normals per gravestone.
    • Skullguards have around 1,000 health.
    • The Chain swings less violently.
    • Infinite stamina is applied for the whole round.
  • The Parasol can be very useful on The Chain, in case you fall off.
    • This can be quite useful at the start of the round for skipping all the obstacles up to Crusher.
    • You can also reach the Detour 2 Chests from the top of the tower.
  • In Guess the Door you can use the AI Normals to find the correct door.
    • However, they will most likely all be dead.


  • Fourth Halloween obby in the R2D Series.
    • Some parts are identical to the Halloween Obby from R2D.
    • While not being the old Halloween ObbyPlaceRebuilder has said it is meant to mimic it.
  • The Graveyard tombstones are one of the Buildings you can construct with the Hammer.
  • The pumpkin you enter at the end can sometimes teleport you to the start of the map and kill you off-screen.
  • This is the second quest to have AI Normals spawn, the first being Pumpkin's Quest.

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