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"I heard the horrifying rumors about the death and destruction that the Terminator could've wreaked back in the days of the old apocalypse. These were nothing more than rumors...a tale to tell young survivors when they went to bed. However...I hear new rumors that he could actually be coming, but in the form of a Robot Pumpkin. Wait...what?"


This is the boss for the Halloween 2018 Event and the Halloween Event 2019. He is Lord Pumpkin Jr. turned cyborg, and is an evolved form of Lord Pumpkin.

During 2018, he lives in his o-so-creatively named arena. During 2019, he lives in his original volcano.

Background Story

Many survivors band together in their united goal to cleanse the world of all the horrific infected that litter the world, but some are simply too disgusting and evil to be associated with. This was the case for a scientist focused on experimenting with the infected, who wished to learn from them, study them, and control them. Rumours say that the day he was ostracised was the day that he was found meshing the remains of dead comrades together with a Brute.

On that day, that man decided to wreak havoc upon his former friends, venturing hundreds of miles to the resting place of an old enemy. After building the fiend a robotic body along with numerous modern upgrades, he brought him back to life through otherworldly means, damning them both to a place many dare not to mention.

After many months, the scientist succumbed to the horrors of the pit, but the Pumpkinator had not. That rage, that fiery anger that had lingered inside the previously deceased lord could not be contained anymore. And all who dare cross his path will certainly be met with his unworldly fury...

Or, rather, it did, as the very survivors that had put him down the first time, scrapped him yet again. Defeated, dejected, his rage brewed, and, the next year, he returned from the grave once more...

And it happened again. After a long struggle, the Pumpkinator was scrapped. For good, this time.

Reward (2018)

Reward (2019)


  • Watch out when he faces you.
    • If he faces you, he may use either use Dual Miniguns or Missile Launcher.
      • These attacks are extremely hard to dodge.
    • In 2019, an additional attack, the Pressure Slam can also be used if he is facing you.
      • Touching the orange spikes will instantly kill you. Move away from the impact area quickly.
    • He sometimes won't use anything and turn away from you instead.
  • As of v1.2.4, the Pumpkinator has an attack that will stun you if you are standing on top of him.
  • Boos can grab you, leading to your death.
    • In 2019, the Boos fling you instead. They are even more deadly since they can trip you into the lava.
      • To prevent this, use the Boo Blast. This will make you immune to Boos.
      • You can also use the Boo Buster to kill them while they're transparent.
      • If you have neither item, the Winchester does a good job of killing them in one shot.
  • Mobility is key so that he doesn't target you.
  • It should be noted that range and accuracy actually matters for this Boss.
  • Watch out when the Pumpkinator spawns Skellies.
  • You can actually destroy the meteors (in his Volcano Dance attack) with the Rambo Knife by throwing the knife at them.
    • The M202 also works doing this method.
  • Pumpkinator may destroy the whole map in Pumpkinator's Revenge.
    • This may cause you to stand on Ammo Stations as they do not disappear when the terrain around them is destroyed.


  • Its supposed appearance and name is based on a villain from Fairly OddParents.
  • First boss to use a survivor's signature weapon against them.
  • This could be a variant of the long-requested Terminator from R2D 2014.
  • On EXTREMELY RARE occasions, Pumpkinator will flip over and die because its head has touched the lava.
  • After v1.2.8, this has the highest amount of health for any Boss at 750,000.
    • However, after v1.3.8a, this was nerfed to 650,000.
    • It should be noted that the 2018 (Pre-Buff) and Beginners version of Pumpkinator had lower health.
  • There was a glitch where being grabbed by a Boo at the exact moment that Pumpkinator is defeated would cause you to float indefinitely and be unable to move until the round ends.
  • Pumpkinator is the second Boss to be used twice for two separate events.
  • The Pumpkinator being on the Lord Pumpkin Jr. map was a community suggestion.
  • As seen in this gifPumpkinator, on very rare occasions, can sometimes duplicate itself.
    • However, these duplicates seem to never attack and just stand idly.
    • This is likely caused by a bug if Pumpkinator is re-fought right after everyone dies to the Pumpkinator.
  • When the code "GRR33W" was used, Pumpkinator's laugh was audible to everyone in the server.

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