This item is no longer obtainable.
There's no way to get this item in-game, but as long as you have it you should be fine.
There might be other ways to obtain this item, but it might not be ever available again.

"Don't make me shift into: M A X I M U M O V E R D R I V E !"
―Sheldon J. Plankton


The Pumpkin Bot mount is very unique, not only for its high jump and low speed, but it can also shoot bullets.

Granted, they may be weak, but it is a nice accessory for a mount. It can be found in the Halloween Chest after defeating Pumpkinator.

Background Story

As the scientist was rebuilding the robotic body for the remains of an old enemy, he realised what he was doing was extremely dangerous as he was summoning the ruins to rise up from the ground. He was required to bring blueprints of the recreation to the site because of how far he had travelled to these ruins and could not obviously go back and forth between them.

The blueprints for this bot was stolen by a particular survivor who handed it to a mechanic shop in the city. The survivor later disappeared to somewhere unknown and was never seen again.

The mechanic, who had never seen the blueprint or anything like it, was given instructions by the survivor and went to work. The original miniguns were downgraded for certain reasons, the pumpkin was curved into a seat and springs were added in the robotic legs for extra jump power. The mechanic's name was never found.

Word spread about this new creation all around. Once survivors had their hands on this new bot, it was manufactured across the world, but only leaving the rich or the skilled to acquire it.

Because of people complaining about how hard it was to aim with the mount, R-Brain Hardwork decided to add an electronic chip to everyone who had the mount. These chips added an auto-firing system to the mount, increasing profits.


  • This has the slowest speed out of all the mounts.
    • Don't use this for mobility as it is slower than walking.
    • It's just as slow as holding a M249 as a survivor.
  • Its high jump allows the use of this in Quest.
    • Be aware of speed, however.
  • You can use the Toy Sword on the mount.
    • It's not a bad backup when you run out of ammo.
  • The guns on the mount contain limited ammo. Use wisely.
    • They do about 35 damage and their firerate, and shooting pattern, is similar to the Mini Uzis.
      • The mount is only recommended for taking down AI Normals and Normal Zombies due to their slow walkspeed.
        • However, due to the aimbot, it can be used to rapidly take down hordes, especially in Single Player.
        • Note that the aimbot only applies to zombies within a 90° peripheral view of the guns.
    • Use this in areas you do not want to waste ammo, such as breaking windows.
  • This uses laser bullets, even in servers where the bullet speed is not instantaneous.
  • This is allowed in PvP gamemodes, such as Free For All). However, it doesn't deal any damage towards players.
  • You can use this to climb up the sides of buildings on some maps (such as Foxriver Prison).
  • The mount can block projectiles such as thrown Rambo Knives and Pumpkin Pies.
  • The Pumpkin Bot is highly useful against Toy Penguins due to the mount not being part of a player.
    • Furthermore, this is quite useful against Drones due to their small size and relative difficulty to hit them.



  • v1.2.4
    • Aimbot added.

  • This the first mount in R2DA that can shoot.
    • R2D Xbox has a similar mount called the XR500 Turret that didn't move at all and could shoot ammunition limited to the current round being played.
      • It is far more powerful than the Pumpkin Bot, dealing 220 damage per bullet. You could also aim with it.
  • In-game, this is named "Pmpkin B0t".

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