"That face it makes is the PTSD of watching all the sea creatures around it get murdered multiple times."


A simple, yet somehow durable pufferfish. What do you need to summarize one?

Background Story

The Puffies, sharing the same protective layer as the Jellyfish somehow, were found by Papa Squid a few years back, falling under his care due to the severe neglect they receive for looking "intimidating" and "dangerous". During the few years while the underwater village was still habitable, they truly felt safe and welcome, all thanks to Papa Squid. They promised to pay back the debt of the generosity that he gave. However, due to the climate change, they could not pay back Papa Squid in any shape or form. Eventually, they found Papa Squid ready for battle, holding his hunting trident and his anchor. They questioned on why he is doing this, and they eventually learned that he was defending his chest from the survivors. Realizing that they could pay back for the care that Papa Squid provided for them, they took part in his cause.



  • The Puffy Model can be found here.

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