Be smart.
You can be banned for not using Propane responsibly. This mostly includes teamkilling.

"Ever wonder how they make those explosions in the movies? Well shoot this and the truth is revealed!"


The Propane can be bought in both the In-Game Store and in the Main Menu Store. It explodes in a similar fashion to the Grenade. Similar to the Jerry Can, exploding one of these will also set off others in the area. Unlike the Jerry Can, however, the Propane will explode when shot instead of creating a large ring offire.

You can drop this by pressing Backspace.

Background Story

Propane! It's volatile, definitely dangerous and is great at starting up your grill.

Unfortunately for you, it's the apocalypse. You don't have time for grills but what you do have is a ton of these tanks. Oddly enough, for such an easily accessible explosive, you can find these just laying about in the streets untouched.

If you do survive the apocalypse, the majority of the population may be dead, but at least you can grill a nice and juicy burger. Or several thousand.


  • With some coordination, you can set up a trap for a Brute to walk into. One small click of your mouse can solve one big problem.
  • Be careful when shooting at Propane in general as you can be killed instantly, even when wearing Bulldozer II.
    • If you're the one that triggers it, you're the one who's facing the repercussions.
    • Everyone else in the explosion is unaffected, even if the Propane wasn't yours, to begin with.
    • Keep an eye out for people trying to troll you by putting it in front of you while you are shooting.
      • This is also BANNABLE. Don't do it yourself.
    • The Flakvest can protect you from any accidental explosion damage, but probably not the knockback.
  • Other survivors can take your dropped Propane, so keep an eye out for anyone running around.
  • You cannot explode the Propane with the M2 Tripod, Toy Bow, Splashy Washy, Boo Buster, Flamethrower or any melee weapon.
  • The Propane cannot be exploded by a Tomahawk.
  • You can use the Propane to increase the number of uses by the Grill. You need to collide with a dropped Propane canister while having the Grill equipped.
  • On Buried Alive if a Propane is caught in Leeroy's explosion when they hit the gate it will break the Campaign. Make sure to not place a propane near Leeroy's explosion.



  • v1.0.0b
    • Added as an Arena reward.
  • v1.4.0
    • Rank changed from 7 to 9.

  • You cannot trigger Propane while it is being held by another survivor.

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