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The Private Jet can be found in the map Campfire Chaos II. It is the Campaign vehicle that lands after you have called the Radio and waited around for 5 minutes. You must refuel the Jet with the Gas Tank, which is pushed from the spawn to the airstrip after the Radio has been activated.


  • Like most other vehicles in R2DA, you just need to enter the Jet to win.
    • You cannot leave the Jet after you enter.
  • You must push the Gas Tank from the spawn to the airstrip. Do this before the Jet lands.
    • The refuelling port on the Jet is located on the nearest wing.
  • You can buy Disruptors around the landing strip, which will significantly increase longevity of all survivors as zombies don't spawn around you when you are refuelling the Jet.
  • Like some of the Rescue vehicles, you are protected while inside the Jet.


  • In-game, this is referred to as "Flight TX44".
    • It is also stated the plane heads for Miami after the map ends.
  • The Private Jet was in R2D 2014 in the same map as R2DA.
    • The one in R2D 2014 had a different model and was very compact.
  • The Private Jet resembles a Cessna Citation X.
  • The original free model was grey and more detailed as seen in this picture.