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The Premium Skincrate was added in v1.3.5 and is used to obtain select skins for certain Weapons. If you wish to purchase one, you'll find it under the "Robux Store" tab in the store.

Before this was added, the premium skins could've been acquired through a normal Skincrate, if they existed prior to v1.3.5.

One skin is rewarded per Premium Skincrate. Every skin you get is unique and you cannot get the same skin twice.

How To Use

  1. Firstly, click a primary or secondary weapon in the Store.
  2. Click the Premium Skincrate icon.
  3. In the opened section, click the square with a Premium Skincrate and click on "Use" to use it.
    • If a Premium Skincrate icon does not appear, then that weapon does not have any premium skins or any more premium skins.

Version Implemented

This is a list of when each skin was made available.

For a more comprehensible list of all the skins, click here.

As of v1.3.5, you can no longer purchase Premium Skins using the regular Skincrate. You must own a Premium Skincrate to get ONE PREMIUM skin for your weapons.

If you had any of these Premium Skins prior to v1.3.5, you can keep those without any extra cost.

Chronos can no longer be obtained from Premium Skincrates as it has been moved to the Chronos Chest.


  • You can technically buy unlimited Premium Skincrates, but the number of skins you can get are currently limited.
  • On the first day of the R2DA Easter Event 2019, PlaceRebuilder gave out a code that gave one free Premium Skincrate.
  • As of v1.4.6, there are 96 unique Premium skins (not including ones that you can no longer get from Premium Skincrates) that you can receive from a Premium Skincrate, including FATAL5 skins, costing 9,600R$ in total.
  • When the Error skin for the Karambit and the Synthwave skin for the Winchester were added in v1.3.7 and v1.3.8 respectively, they were accidentally obtainable through a Skincrate.
    • This was fixed in v1.3.8b.
  • Prior to Premium Skincrates being added, you could've obtained a number of skins through a normal Skincrate.
    • Prior to that, the Dragunov Asimo skin could have been bought for 500$.
  • Before in v1.5.4d Premium Skincrates were 100R$ now they were changed to 125T.