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This item/feature has been removed.
There's no way to view this in-game and it's never going to be added back in again.
Information is definitely out-dated, and you shouldn't really take it to heart.

"Have a plush, you pass, have no plush, you don't pass."
―Papa Squid


This Plushie protects you from being thrown into the water by the tentacle, on Obstacle 5. Instead, it allows you to continue on with the Quest.

Background Story

The survivors were thinking about how to get past this tentacle that kept tossing them into the deadly water.

Could they kill it?

No, then they couldn't get across.

Maybe it was a chance they could be spared!

No, otherwise at least one would have gotten past by now.

Could they-

Wait. A survivor found a Plushie on top of a boxing glove. They picked it up, said their final wishes in case they die, and ran to the tentacle.

They feared they had to do something else.

It was too easy, wasn't it? The survivors watched in horror as the tentacle lifted the fellow survivor to the danger point. They all closed their eyes.

Then a smack sound was heard.

The survivor was rudely smashed onto the next part. The survivor with the Plushie was about to yell at the tentacle, but then it hit them. 

That's what they had to do.


  • Pick this up to not be thrown into the water by the tentacle.
  • Time your jump when you're about to get this Plushie. Time it wrong and you may get punched by the Sucker Punch.
  • This spawns on the base of the final punching glove.


  • The Plushie resembles Papa Squid.
  • The Plushie is a collidable item, meaning that players can actually stand on it when it is being held.
  • The Plushie model can be bought here.
  • The Plushie can be spotted in Peach N' Spills Resort as a part of the map decoration.
    • Even that it was originally planned to be the grabbable Plushie item.