These were invented by ROBLOX themselves back in 2014. Player Points don't have any function on R2DA, or any game really, and are only really used to show how much time was invested into the game.

These were around in R2D 2014 and 100 Player Points were given whenever you survived a round or won in certain cases. If you were in a party, you received 10 Player Points for every person in your party alive, including yourself.

In R2DA, Player Points were still around, but clans used to be found vying for the top spot on the leaderboards.


  • Defibrillator use on an unconscious Survivor (+75 Player Points)
  • Victory as a Survivor (+50 Player Points)
    • Most Valuable Player (+70 Player Points; applied with latter)
  • Killed a Survivor (+10 Player Points)
  • Saving a pinned or shocked Survivor (+10 Player Points)


  • Player Points used to be given to those who healed others with a Medkit.
    • This has since been removed due to abuse and those who abused this system were temporarily banned.
  • Even though the all-time leaderboards were removed, the number of total Player Points are still stored within the ROBLOX API and is publicly visible for players.
  • The leaderboard tab was officially removed June 14th, 2018. However, Player Points are still rewardable and still stored on Roblox.

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