Here is where you can receive a little wink and a nudge on what could be coming to the game.

Try not to be too speculatory while editing this page. There has to be some reasonable ground for your claim. All sources must be cited.


Confirmed - If the elements are confirmed to be added in the next update. Has to be in R2DA specifically.

Unkn0wn - If elements are likely to be added, not certain, or has received acknowledgment. Must be confirmed by a wiki contributor+, including Debuggers. Requires an image.

Removed - If the elements are scrapped or rejected.

Cite the most latest reference for upcoming features. If no word of the speculated item is mentioned for a year, it shall be removed.


  • A Tweet from @XelPixels.
  • Rummaging through PlaceRebuilder's inventory.
    • You must be his friend to see his inventory.
    • Another user's model alone is not a valid piece of evidence. This has to be confirmed by other means.
  • A Discord message with picture confirmation.
  • A post on the Official Announcement board.

Confirmed Confirmed Type Last Update
Update 1.3.6. Update 1.3.5.
Unkn0wn Unknown Type Last Update
[1] [2] Port II Return Map 14th April 2019
[3] [4] Serenity and Passion skins Skin 20th May 2018
[5] Space Station Map 26th August 2018
[6] Swarmer Mob 12th June 2018
[7] Cavebat Return Mob 11th October 2018
[8] C4 Item 11th October 2018
[9] Communication Menu Misc. 25th July 2018
[10] Weapon XP Bonus Misc. 16th May 2018
[11] Buried Alive Return Map 23rd January 2019
[12] Contract Overhaul Misc. 9th February 2019
[13] Golden Egg & Duckling Mob Misc. 30th April 2019

[14] Mobile Support

Feature 11th March 2019

[15] Better Xbox Aimbot

Feature 11th April 2019
[16] Easter Event Part 2 Event 6th May 2019
Removed Rejected/Scrapped Type Last Update
Roblox Bloxy Melee Weapon Since the last 3 Bloxys.


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