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"Who left their planks laying right here, we need to camp!"


These Planks take on a more physical appearance this time around instead of appearing out of thin air.

Instead of creating barricades, they are now helping you get the Trolley back on track in Mogadishu Transit's Campaign.

Background Story

Planks are simply rectangular slabs of wood, manufactured by lumber mills before the apocalypse began. There are many of them scattered throughout Mogadishu Transit and common sense dictates they were supposed to be used as replacements, whenever maintenance was needed on the tracks. Saying that these were used for more nefarious purposes would just be you being paranoid.


  • You can carry up to 8 Planks at a time. Maximise your efficiency!
  • Equipping anything will make you instantly drop your cargo.
  • Make sure you have someone to protect you while you're carrying these.
  • While holding some Planks, you can still punch and kick to protect yourself.


  • One of the two items required to complete Mogadishu Transit's Campaign, with the other being the Rails.
  • These were originally found on every map and gamemode, except Free Brawl, for the benefit of the Hammer.
    • As such, a round of Mogadishu's Campaign would take longer than expected. Instead of using the Planks to finish the objective, they would instead be used to build structures.
      • This feature was removed in v0.6.8.