The Plane is an AI flying vehicle which can be summoned with an Airstrike.

Place the red target and place in which direction you want the plane to go and it will then drop bombs which will do enough damage to kill a Brute and severely weaken (or even kill) a Charged Brute.


  • Get out of the way if you called the Plane. It will most likely kill you if you are within the radius of the bombs.
    • This makes a sound while it's flying, which can help you know when it's time to move.
  • If you are a Brute or Stalker, you can shield yourself from the bombs.


  • The Plane drops a total of eight bombs, dealing up to 3,000 damage each.
    • This means that each Plane can hypothetically deal 24,000 damage.
  • This is the first flying vehicle in R2DA.
  • The camo texture suggests that this is for military uses.
  • The Plane is based off the Lockheed Martin F-22.
    • However, the F-22 can only carry up to four 250lb or two 1,000 lb bombs compared to the 8 you see in-game.
  • The Plane is not a solid object (non-collide), meaning you can clip through it.

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