"Hey, hey Morty, turn the pipe over Morty! I turned myself into a pipeline Morty! IM PIPELINE RICK!!!!"


The Pipes are a Campaign item for the M.S Antares.

Background Story

While the survivors were panicking on the soon to be sunk ship, a rather helpful crew member reminded them of the spare pipes to be used for the water pumps.

How peculiar, having extra resources on something as important as a cargo ship.


  • Dump the Rations into the ocean while repairing the Pipes at the same time.
    • Attempt communications so you can multi-task. A team will be more successful dumping rations and repairing pipes at the same time then doing just one objective at the same time and blowing valuable time.
  • You gain 1 Fame for placing a Pipe next to the pump.
  • Activate the pump in the same room in which you use the Radio.
  • If you don't fix the Pipes in time, the ship starts to sink quickly.
    • Even if you do fix it, the ship will take in some water.
  • The Pipes can be thrown off the boat.
    • However, if you place a Pipe into the pumper before this happens, two more will be spawned for it, in the main location.


  • These still appear even if it isn't Campaign.
    • You can still do the objective and get Fame from it even if it isn't Campaign.
    • This was likely unintended.