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"I never understood why zombies are attracted to a small rod filled with explosives."


The Pipebomb is great for clearing out a horde of zombies, luring out a Brute or making your escape. It causes zombies to become completely disabled and chase after it for a short duration until it blows up and deals 200 damage in a large radius.

Remember that sometimes money isn't everything! You should use it if you are scared of being pounced by a Leaper, no-one is around to see you panic over one zombie anyways.

Background Story

The Pipebomb is an Improvised Explosive Device (I.E.D) created by the survivors designed to lure zombies to it before blowing up, making it much more effective against hordes. The pipes are filled with anything that can create a decent explosion, ranging from gases and fuel to actual explosives like gunpowder. A small LED light and a speaker are connected to the fuse and detonation system, allowing it to both distract enemies and provide a visible sign of when it will explode. It's currently unknown why zombies are so attracted to it, but most assume it's due to their attraction to sound and lights.


  • Regardless of the zombie mob, the Pipebomb will lure them in.
    • This can be a useful distraction tool against a horde, as it will force every zombie to go in the direction the Pipebomb was thrown, which can make the rescue easier for you and your teammates.
    • However, Edgars can still use their tongue, and if they somehow capture you (and you were the survivor that threw it), you are probably doomed.
    • Ticker can rush away from the Pipebomb.
      • However, if it was rushing before the Pipebomb was thrown, it will rush towards it instead. Keep in mind it can still rush away from it even if it used up all its stamina rushing towards the Pipebomb.
  • You can tell how close a Pipebomb is from exploding through how frequent the beeps emanating from it are.
    • Brutes can use the beeping to their advantage to deflect the explosion at the optimal time through using their forcefield.
      • The same thing goes for the Stalker.
  • The blast radius for the Pipebomb can be larger than expected, so be sure to stay a healthy distance away.
    • The explosion can do up to 200 HP of damage depending on how close you are.
    • If Killstreaks matter to you, and if no-one kills any of the trapped zombies, you can get a very large one.
  • Elementals can barely survive a point-blank explosion as they have 220 HP.
    • If a weakened Ticker is not within the masses, consider weakening the Elemental itself, as they can easily heal back to full after the explosion.
  • You can consider the Clockbomb as a variant of this.
    • However, even if the Clockbomb does do double the damage, it has half the range of a Pipebomb.
  • Be careful; zombies can relocate themselves to escape death, most commonly seen with Brutes, so it's best to kill them as soon as possible.
    • Similarly, zombies can reset to ensure you do not get the kill.
  • Zombies who respawn after the Pipebomb is thrown will not be lured in, so be careful.
  • It's recommended to run away as quickly as possible from zombie spawnpoints once the Pipebomb explodes as large amounts of zombies will spawn in.
    • However, this may be beneficial to you if you have a Flamethrower or RPG as they are horde control weapons.
  • Unequipping this while preparing to throw it will allow you to put it back in your inventory.
  • Throwing the Pipebomb gives you an opportunity to heal yourself with a Medkit if you are on low health.
  • This can be used in Arena to weed out invisible Stalkers.



  • v0.2.8
  • v0.4.2
    • Overcooking removed.
    • Leapers no longer have Pipebomb Immunity.

  • This is a returning item from R2D, except in R2D, the Pipebomb used the Flash model.
  • The Pipebomb could originally be found in Supply Boxes, until v0.2.8.