"here goes that crazy jump"


Pink Neon is an exclusive series for PlaceRebuilder, but more importantly, im_sandra, YTim_sandra, im_ellen and Harethah. im_sandra and YTim_sandra have since been terminated from ROBLOX. There is no way to obtain these two Skins for your own use in-game.

This was created as a gift for im_sandra for spending 300,000R$ on R2DA.

The Spas-12 is painted completely pink and has several parts of the weapon turned into neon pink. For the Rambo Knife, just the blade is changed but it turns into neon pink as well.


  • This is the fourth exclusive skin created for a user.
  • These are the first meshed skins to use a different material.
    • This is the first neon skin in R2DA.
  • The blade of the Rambo Knife separates from the handle on throw.

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