The Pickaxe is an item as well as a weapon. This is mainly used to uncover the Naquadah in Zero Kelvin Station Campaign. They can be picked up from a dead Digger after the Minecart has been pushed to the mining site.

Background Story

Some of the workers that were mining Naquadah ended up being slaughtered by zombies. Conveniently, their Pickaxes are left behind for you.

Later on, Diggers would acquire these Pickaxes for their own use. Survivors would often take their Pickaxes after they had slaughtered them.


  • Use this to mine the Naquadah.
  • Only one person actually needs to be doing all the mining. Once the Naquadah is exposed anyone can grab it and transport it to the Minecart.
  • This is only obtained by killing a Digger.
    • This drops in a similar fashion to the X-Mas Cape. There is also a light to indicate that it has dropped.
    • Diggers only drop this when the Minecart is pushed to the mining site.
      • Only those spawning after the Minecart has reached the mining site will drop it. Those that are alive prior to that will not drop the Pickaxe.
      • X-Mas, Aquatic and Easter Diggers do not drop Pickaxes.
  • While this can be used as a weapon, you are immobile when using this so this isn't recommended.


  • This uses the model of the pickaxes on the Digger's back.
  • The Pickaxe model is similar to World of Warcraft's pickaxe.

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