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Peach N' Spills Resort

This item/feature has been removed.
There's no way to view this in-game and it's never going to be added back in again.
Information is definitely out-dated, and you shouldn't really take it to heart.

"In this apocalypse, there is one thing everyone keeps. That hope in our hearts, stops us from growing apart. Luckily this summer, our hearts will get warmer. In this heat, the zombies we defeat. So grab your loungers, buy some splushes and wear a floaty. But may I remind you, this is for all of your safety. After all, surrounding us are zombies. Slip and slide and enjoy the ride."


Peach N' Spills Resort is a large resort map which takes place in the mountainous part of the province of Paradise. The map is quite large, featuring the resort, a beach, a parking lot and a lighthouse that can bring you to the pirate ship bowsprit.

Background Story

Located in the province of Paradise, near Paradise District III and Los Paradise, this resort was favoured by many survivors during the SANI crisis. While ports were being overran, ships were being attacked and houses were being ransacked, this resort provided a beacon of hope during the crisis. The owners, bless them, managed to keep the resort operational, even though tourist numbers dwindled. They also know of the resort's tactical advantage during an apocalypse.

When all the other places were being sieged, this resort stood proud and strong. The lighthouse would warn of impending doom, and the tourists would take up arms and fight. Hope may be around the corner.


This map appears to be based upon most modern hotel resorts.

Players spawn just outside the parking lots, with locked gates on either side. Players can climb on to the roof of the main hotel complex. Near the survivor spawn, there are leftover constructions parts that can help you get to the roof. Taking the survivor spawn as north, hills and hotel rooms surround the map from the north, east and west sides.

Upon entering the resort through the gate (which can be opened if you break the lock), a water slide can be seen. If the water on the slide is touched, players will be tripped until they reach the pool. A large floating duck can be seen in this pool, as well as life rings. A fountain can also be seen, which will eject players into the air. Palm trees are scattered across the map.

Going right from the main gate, a large poolside slide, small island and deckchairs can be seen. There is also a harpoon line that can take you to the roof of the hotel.

Going across the bridge from the main gate, a bar can be seen.

To the east of the map, more slides into the pool can be seen. A wooden pier can also be seen, with various nautical paraphernalia. A tiki bar can also bee seen in the south-east side of the map, including a long beach with umbrellas and deckchairs. A lifeguard hut can also be spotted.

Straight out from the pier, a lighthouse and ship can be seen. This is only accessible for survivors by the Jetski or Froggo. Zombies can swim to the lighthouse.

Theres also a Plushie in one of the slides in a corner.


  • Stalkers are the most threatening zombie on this map as they can bring you to the ocean and drown you, or use the fountain to inflict fall damage.
  • To open the main gate, a zombie needs to claw at the yellow lock, or a survivor needs to hop over the gate to destroy it themselves.
  • You can use the fountain to get onto the spiral slide or to high places.
  • The Duck Mount, Bunny and Jetpack are useful on this map due to the high hotel roofs.
    • The high roofs also make this map ideal to Edgars. Additionally, zombies can easily reach the roofs via Upgrade Climb.
  • The Jetski is highly recommended only this since you can use it to get to the lighthouse. Additionally, it makes for a quick escape from the beach.
  • This map has a hidden room that can be used as a hidden spot for Free For All, Party Deathmatch and Undead Battleground.
    • However, remember that the room is small. Explosions can easily kill anyone who is inside it.
  • Be careful with the slides dotted around the map since they can trip you.
  • This map is large, expansive and open. The Rocket Sleigh can be used for mobility around the map.
    • The M939, Van and Toy Plane are not recommended on this map due to the vertical nature of the map.
  • There are very little Supply Boxes on this map. Bring your own items or use the Give Command.


  • The main part of the map is based on the Resort from Crossfire.
  • This map took roughly 15 to 20 days to make.
  • Peach N' Spills Resort is the first summer-themed map to be added, excluding any map makeovers or event maps.
  • If you shoot or claw the Classic Jukebox, it will start to play Late - Night Rock.
    • However, you can only do it once, the only Music Box to only have one use.
  • The King Crab II theme can be heard playing from the radio close to the pier.
  • Currently, there is a small bug where the lights from the lighthouse disappear during the second round.
    • This probably happens because the lights are NoRay.
  • The Resort area was originally planned to be larger, featuring two more hotels and another pool based on the cancelled summer map from the Aquatic Event.
    • The same can be said for the pirate ship as it was originally planned to be in the middle of the ocean, intended to be used as a camp spot.
    • Both ideas were scrapped to reduce the total parts of the map, reducing lag.
  • Peach N' Spills Resort was originally planned to have 2 skyboxes, but PlaceRebuilder preferred to focus on the day skybox.
  • The name of the resort is based on the Thrills and Spills Adventure Park from Twisted Metal 2012.