"Its high noon boys."


Another revolver, another day. This one has a longer and thinner barrel than the other two variants, the Colt Python and CK Swat.

The difference? These are dual-wielded.

Background Story

Inspired by L-Brain Sidework's work on the Colt Python, R-Brain Hardwork decided to add a new punch to their secondary weapons, releasing many pint sized secondary guns to their customers' arsenals. This trend only continued with the preliminary release of the Peacemaker, a revolver straight out of old western films. It's reliable, easy to use, and most importantly cheap to manufacture. So cheap, in fact, that after the success of the CK Swat, R-Brain decided to go with a bold approach to marketing. They would sell two revolvers ... for the price of two.

Yes, they could absolutely give the survivors fighting for their lives a slightly better deal, but they decided against it. Most of them were "rich" enough, anyway.


  • While it may have a lot of reserve ammo, it has a small magazine capacity. Counting the long reload, it is best to be wise with your ammo and aim for headshots.
    • Reload whenever you can, the guns have a total ammo storage of 60 rounds per refill anyway.
  • High damage per bullet along with great accuracy and range. It could function as a good long-range combat option, similar to the Luger P08.
    • Pairs nicely with automatics and shotguns, such as the AK-47 and Shotty 12.
  • The Peacemaker deals more total damage (4,080) than the Steyr M (1,980) and almost beats the RPG (4,500), allowing for long term usage in Boss.
    • Even though the RPG has higher total damage, it only reloads one shot per ammo box used.
  • Try not to engage high health mobs, such as the Ticker or Digger, with this weapon unless they are at a small amount of health.
    • This weapon is more ideal for low health mobs such as the Edgar.
  • Although labelled as having 120 RPM, it only counts for one of the guns.
    • This means the Peacemaker actually has 240 RPM.


  • High Reserve Ammo
  • High Damage
  • Very High Total Damage


  • Slow Reload
  • High Ranked
  • Expensive
  • No useful attachments


  • Peacemaker is just another name for the Colt Single Action Army.
    • Referred to in-game as the "Single Action Army".
  • Peacemaker texture is similar to the ROBLOX Gear The General's .45 texture.
  • Second dual-wielded weapon.
  • The Peacemaker has the highest total damage out of all the pistols.
  • The Peacemaker is the first weapon to have a ricochet sound.
    • In order to make the ricochet sound, you have to have a server with a bullet speed less then instant, and to have your graphics set to five at the minimum.
  • The Peacemaker has the most clips/magazines out of all the guns in R2DA.
  • The Peacemaker is the very first weapon to fire .45 Colt in R2DA.
  • The Peacemaker is actually single action in real life, but in R2DA it's double action.


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