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"It's high noon."


The Peacemakers are secondary revolvers. Another revolver, another day. This one has a longer and thinner barrel than the other two variants, the Colt Python and CK Swat.

Unlike the Peacemakers' chronological sucessors, these are dual-wielded.

Background Story

Although revolvers used in the apocalypse were generally used by newcomers due to their high stopping power and range, the likes of the Colt Python and the CK Swat weren't able to compete with the higher quality guns released by competiting corporations (even in the apocalypse, capitalism prevails).

In spite of the decreasing popularity of revolvers, and the pistol category overall in favour of the more "explosive" variety, some survivors remained nostalgic of the days of the Wild West in the rural deserts of America, slinging guns and shooting bandits (or sheriffs), and saving pretty women from smooth-talking criminals and railways. R-Brain Hardwork representatives saw great profit margins in selling old Wild West revolvers, deciding (once again) to capitalise on the nostalgia by producing a weapon of "awesome potential, but impractical" (like most pre and mid-20th century revolvers).

Despite the audacity of producing outdated weapons, the Peacemakers sold surprisingly well and were met with praise. However, that could be contributed to modifications to the Peacemakers' cocking mechanic and the inexplicit ability for every survivor - even the most inexperienced - to reload the entire gun cylinder without the need of taking out each bullet out individually.


  • While it may have a lot of reserve ammo, it has a small magazine capacity. Counting the long reload, it is best to be wise with your ammo and aim for headshots.
    • Reload whenever you can, the guns have a total ammo storage of 60 rounds per refill anyway.
  • The Peacemakers have high damage per bullet along with great accuracy and range. It could function as a good long-range combat option, similar to the Luger P08.
    • Pairs nicely with automatics and shotguns, such as the AK-47 and Shotty 12.
  • The Peacemaker deals more total damage (4,080) than the Steyr M (1,980) and almost beats the RPG (4,500), allowing for long term usage in Boss.
    • Even though the RPG has higher total damage, it only reloads one shot per ammo box used.
  • Try not to engage high health mobs, such as the Ticker or Digger, with this weapon unless they are at a small amount of health.
    • This weapon is more ideal for low health mobs such as the Edgar.
  • Although labelled as having 120 RPM, it only counts for one of the guns.
    • This means the Peacemaker actually has 240 RPM, therefore it has a firerate of ~0.25 seconds.


  • High Reserve Ammo
  • High Damage
  • Very High Total Damage


  • Slow Reload
  • High Ranked
  • Expensive
  • No useful attachments



  • v1.4.0
    • Rank changed from 35 to 48.

  • Peacemaker is just another name for the Colt Single Action Army.
    • Referred to in-game as the "Single Action Army".
  • The Peacemaker texture is similar to the ROBLOX Gear The General's .45 texture.
  • Second dual-wielded weapon.
  • The Peacemaker has the highest total damage out of all the pistols.
  • The Peacemaker is the first weapon to have a ricochet sound.
    • In order to make the ricochet sound, you have to have a server with a bullet speed less then instant, and to have your graphics set to five at the minimum.
  • The Peacemaker is the very first weapon to fire .45 Colt in R2DA.
  • The Peacemaker is actually single action in real life, but in R2DA it's double action.
    • Also in real-life, reloading Peacemaker revolvers is far more inconvenient and tedious, requiring the user to take out each individual bullet instead of the style shown in R2DA, as demonstrated in this video.
  • The Peacemaker idea probably came from Red Dead Redemption 2.