This item is no longer obtainable.
There's no way to get this item in-game, but as long as you have it you should be fine.
There might be other ways to obtain this item, but it might not be ever available again.

"When "fighting" for freedom is taken too seriously.."


The Patriots Flag. Derived from former patriotic survivors, the United States of America. Most, if not all, patriots have their country flag to wave it around and show its love.

This melee, while it can be used for attack, is mainly used as a healing item. However, once it is used to heal, it can no longer be used or picked up again.

Background Story

It was the week before Thanksgiving as a group of survivors were celebrating after defending their fortifications from the zombies. Survivors told their stories about what weapons they had used to defend themselves from the zombies in the early days of the SANI virus. A certain member recalled his time of using a Patriots Flag when the infection began, as he had no other alternative weapons. Many thought his story was ludicrous and unrealistic, but a few sole survivors remember the day they rescued him from a horde when he held the flag and swung it around like a maniac to protect himself.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, he began giving flags to all of his peers to use, both as memory of a once existing country and the former ideologies that it once held.

Surprisingly, the story of this survivor's tale spread like wildfire. Unsurprisingly, businesses caught on with this story and, like any other capitalist business, planned to sell their version of the flags in advance to Thanksgiving. They originally planned to sell it on the Fourth of July, but that would take a while and that same famous story would've been long forgotten by then.


  • You can plant the Patriots Flag, by holding LMB, but it will mean you can't get the flag back for the rest of the round.
    • You also stand majestically until you move away from the flag.
    • When planted, survivors around the flag will receive health, similar to the Acorn.
    • Once you plant the Flag, it is no longer usable in that round, you can use it again in other rounds.
    • If you attempt to move while planting the flag, the music will play then abruptly end, not healing you or anyone else.
    • There is a rare glitch where the Flag will kill you after planting it. This is most likely a bug.
  • You can decorate your "base" with flags, but it will cost you a secondary slot.
  • Use the Patriots Flag's healing properties only when it's safe to do (few to no zombies around) as it takes a short amount of time to activate the ability. If the player places the flag too quickly, the healing ability won't activate.
    • However, it is much quicker than using a Medkit.
  • Don't activate the Patriots Flag's healing properties on mobile objects (such as campaign boats or the M939) since the flag will stick to its position where it was activated, instead of the object itself.
  • This is a recommended melee weapon for Melee Smash due to its healing capability.
    • However, you may accidentally heal other players, if you are too careless.
  • The high swing rate makes this weapon a decent melee, just don't accidentally place it down when you do not need health.
  • The Patriots Flag is obviously only recommended to use when you have low health since you will lose the weapon after use the "Patriots Heal".


  • Trip
  • Healing Properties
  • Rapid Swing Rate


  • No Multi Hit
  • High Energy Usage
  • Sold Exclusively


  • First event melee to be associated with a country.
    • PlaceRebuilder has stated that there may be attachments that replace the American flag with that of another country.
      • He stated that if these were added, they would be onsale for only one day, that day being that country's national day.
  • This is the first event melee not to be associated to a single event.
  • First event melee to be available for purchase for only two days.
    • This was originally going to be sold on July 4 2019, but PlaceRebuilder was on holiday during that time. This was instead sold on July 4 2020.
      • This is because July 4 is a national holiday in the United States, Independence Day.
    • This is also only available on Thanksgiving, the fourth Thursday in November.
  • This is the second object that can heal survivors within a radius when used, first being the Acorn.
  • Because the flag was too small, there are only 32 stars instead of the usual 50 on the American flag.
  • First event melee to cost less than 999 Tickets.

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