"Celebrate good times, come on!"
―Kool & The Gang


The Part Whistle is an item that was first obtained during the Christmas Event 2016. It was unboxed from the Gift of Healing in which then you would receive 50 of them. It has a bright blue colour, along with dark blue, green, yellow and pink stripes.

During PlaceRebuilder's birthday in 2017, he gave some of these out in a Twitter Code. It's a party, who doesn't need Party Whistles?

These can now be purchased through the Event Store with Tickets as part of the Chronos Series. This will never go off-sale.

Background Story

Nobody knows why gifts miraculously spawn out of thin air during the holidays. This year, many survivors collected Gifts. One of them had white wrapping and it was nicknamed the Gift of Healing.

Deciding to keep old traditions alive, survivors opened all of their presents on Christmas Day and behind the white wrapping were a bunch of Party Whistles. So on that day, the survivors forgot about all their troubles, and instead had some well-deserved fun.

Months after, manufacturers decided to start reproducing these Whistles to help survivors relive the times.


  • This is quite useless. If you are planning for long-term survival, don't bring this as it is a waste of an item slot.
  • This cannot be gotten through the Give Command. If you plan to bring this, it must be equipped at the start of the round.
  • This has infinite uses. Whistle to your heart's content!
  • This makes quite a loud sound so it isn't recommended for use as it can give away your location.


  • Coming from the least rare gift, this makes the item a lot less rare than the other gifts, the Gift of Peace and the Gift of Wealth.
  • This was jokingly stated to have the ability to eliminate Brutes in a single toot from the Whistle.
  • This is one of a few Event Store items that cannot be obtained through the Give Command.

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