Party Deathmatch is a Gamemode in which you fight other survivors in different parties for 3 minutes using your acquired guns, items, and vests to be the last survivor remaining. Unlike Free For All, the gamemode Party Deathmatch is based off, everybody has 110 health.


  • Grenades are allowed, be sure to watch your step.
  • Try to get a good Party with a variety of members.
  • Helping one of your party members is a good idea.
  • All of the recommended weapons in FFA is good for eliminating many enemies. Take the Minigun for example.
  • Use the tips in Free For All.
  • The Barrett 50 Cal. has been nerfed to 90 damage here.
  • If you do not have a team, you are all alone.
    • However, if you are still on the menu screen before the game starts, you can go to Settings>Other>Auto-Party so you can join a random party.



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