Party is another returning feature from R2D 2014 in R2DA that was added in v0.6.8.

In this system, with up to 4 other players (normal server), you earn a 50% bonus on Experience or Cash while all the other members are still alive. This also supplies a team chat, which you can easily use by typing "p", and then whatever text you need to say.

As another bonus, you will be able to see their name tags at a much longer distance before it disappears. A now noticeable sound is played whenever they are pinned by a Leaper or captured by an Edgar.







How To Use

  1. Go into the party menu (using the menu or pressing "P").
  2. Create a party (you can edit name and colour). You must choose whether you want Cash bonus or EXP bonus.
  3. Click "Invite" to invite players.
  4. If they have joined, an orange notification should appear in chat for you and all other members.

NOTE: Attempting to invite a user who has Auto-Party turned on in their Settings will prevent the invitation from going through. Tell them to turn it off before you attempt to invite them. Only the party leader can invite/kick users in their party. You can tell whether you are the party leader or not by the star next to the group name.


  • +50% Experience or Cash, as long all of them are alive and active.
    • This only applies to parties with less than six players. Parties with six or above will not gain +50% Cash or Experience.
    • If you are the only one inside your Party, this will not award any bonus.
    • To be active, you must ready at the start of the game. Joining a party mid-game will not activate you.
  • Extended visible name tag distance as a survivor (only for party members).
  • Teammates in Party Deathmatch.
  • The ability to send party private messages.
    • To send a message, preface with a "p" and put a space after.
      • For example, typing "p Hi!" will send a blue "Hi!", a message only people in your party can see.
  • A universal sound alerting you that they're in danger.
    • No matter how far away you are from them, the sound will play as if they were pinned right next to you.
  • An addition to your HUD displaying your party's status.
    • If someone is in danger, their portrait will turn red.
    • If someone dies, their portrait turns grey and skull-bones would be overlaid on their picture.
  • Prestige benefits (see the linked page).
    • Maximum benefit is 250% (200% max bonus benefit + 50% standard benefit).

Party Settings

NOTE: these are personal to you. This will not affect the rest of the Party.

  • Team HUD
    If enabled, it shows your teammates condition next to your healthbar.
  • Auto Party
    If enabled, the player will automatically join any random Party. If no party is created (or all available parties are full), a new one will be created with a title automatically generated.
  • Warning Sound
    If enabled, when a teammate is pinned, a sound will play, alerting anyone on the team.


  • Previously, the +50% bonus was only a +10% bonus.
    • Parties with five or above will not gain +50% Cash or Experience after v1.2.4.
  • In v0.9.0, an Auto-Party feature was added.
    • Whenever you join a new game and this is toggled on, you are automatically placed into a party.
    • If you don't like your team, you can turn Auto-Party in your Settings on and off again to join other parties.
      • This may end in you joining a non-generated party, however.
    • As of v0.9.6b, a filtering system has been applied to Party names to comply with ROBLOX's rules.
    • Party names can only be 20 characters or below. If you type in more, the subsequent characters will be deleted.
  • You can customise party sizes in a VIP Server.
  • In Debug v1.4.1, there was no Prestige party share limit.
  • You can't create a party name that contains numbers.

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